21.V.2012 a.b.
Tape dubbing process is impossible due to audio equipment breakdown. Some time is required to fix that issue. Many of items still available as already dubbed/pro tapes, ask for details.

01.III.2012 a.b.
We won't accept any trades until future notice!! Only orders are possible.
if you are interested in trading our releases of Stavropol Nekrodivizion, contact Svart Samler trough: svartsamler [AT] yandex . ru

23.XII.2011 a.b.
The following titles:
JAWS12 Misanthropic Art — Lifeless Nothing
JAWS18 Soli Diaboli Gloria — self-titled
JAWS19 SS-18 — The Walls Become Clenched...
are not available from us anymore.

9.X.2011 a.b.
Deathmoor/Lash BOX OUT NOW !!


19.VII.2011 a.b.



JAWS27 MISANTHROPIC ART (rus) — humanity will Know the Death
The first record made by Sadist (X-XII 1999 a.b.) for MA project. High-speed Black Metal with primary touches of hysterical and psychopatical guitar and vocal parts. HISTORY of the dawn of Stavropol Nekrodivizion. sample 1, sample 2

JAWS28 BAAL ZEBUTH (rus) — Necromysticism - Into the Chasm of Hell
Last incantation. Final ritual. Descent into the depths of Hell. The dead legend of russian underground. The 3rd full-lenght + bonus track. sample 1, sample 2

JAWS29 SS-18 (rus) — Technogen Pandemonium
Total anti-human and anti-life Black Metal with almost mechanical sound. Each copy is like a bullet, and the victim is you. This is the world without humanity, the world without you. The 1st full-lenght + 2 bonus tacks. sample 1, sample 2

JAWS30 MISANTHROPIC ART (rus) — March to Armageddon/Echoes of War
Old legacy from MA, releases which were recorded back in 2000 — MtA and 2001 — EoW. You will hear already well-know synthetic sound and detailed structures, which all represent MA nowadays. sample 1, sample 2

29.V.2011 a.b.
ведётся работа над новым номером печатного издания. группам/лейблам, желающим содтрудничать/прислать материал на рецензирование (__только__ физические носители) писать на контактный адрес электронной почты.

12.III.2011 a.b.






NOW !!

special edition will be available later.

20.II.2011 a.b.





4.I.2011 a.b.


We got some copies of Stavropol Nekrodivizion 2011 promo compilation.

This compilation includes tracks from Stavropol Nekrodivizion's releases which are planned to be out during 2011 on various labels.

9 tracks for almost 1 hour total time. CDR in envelope with b/w printed front and back (100 h/n copies).

This compilation is FREE and will be added to each order.
Labels, do not hesitate to ask for it.

Tracks from: Misanthropic Art (2), Deathmoor (2), SS-18, Baal Zebuth (2), Lash, Cyber Baphomet.

13.XII.2010 a.b.


DEATHMOOR and LASH tape releases will be released during the first quarter of 2011.

JAWS24 DEATHMOOR (rus) — Mors Ultima Ratio sample 1, sample 2
JAWS25 DEATHMOOR (rus) — Salvo Honoris Morte sample 1, sample 2
JAWS26 split (Lash/Deathmoor) (rus) — Nausea of Inner City sample 1, sample 2

Tape releases will be limited to 99 h/n copies each.

Also, there will be special edition in wooden box, which will include:

"Mors Ultima Ratio" TAPE,
"Salvo Honoris Morte" TAPE,
"Nausea of Inner City" TAPE,
Deathmoor patch 100x40 mm,
Lash "Philosophy of Self-flagellation" 38mm pin,
Deathmoor and Lash photos

21.X.2010 a.b.


NOW !!


26.IX.2010 a.b.
MISANTHROPIC ART and SS-18 tape releases (99 h/n copies each) will be available somwhere in mid/end of October. Samples already available:

MISANTHROPIC ART (rus) — Dream of the Dead sample 1, sample 2
SS-18 (rus) — Voices of Funeral sample 1, sample 2

10.VIII.2010 a.b.
The second CD release of Wolfram Prod. is available. Previously "Antihumanity" was only released as very limited tape.


All that you should know had already been said earlier. Of course, we can add, that this is the next 'masterpiece' which was hidden for 10 years, but we won't. To form your own oppinion you should take this CD and just listen to it.

sample 1, sample 2

This IS Misanthropic Art — nothing more, nothing less.

15.VII.2010 a.b.

We got two copies Last copy of BAAL ZEBUTH (rus) — We are Sathanas TAPE release. Act fast if you want to get this masterpiece of russian UGBM!!

11.VI.2010 a.b.




MISANTHROPIC ART (rus) — Antihumanity (Misanthropic Black Metal) CD

there is no need to present this project. re-release of the 1st album recorded in S.H.Studio from November 1999 till June 2000 a.b. unique as always, with a little bit rawer sound on this release. if you were into 'Possessed by Bestiality' and 'Homicides' you will like this too.
almost an hour of well-crafted Misanthropic Black Metal.

previous definition this release as 'demo' was mistaken.

MISANTHROPIC ART (rus) — Dream of the Dead
Dark/Depressive Metal, TAPE

Other side of Misanthropic Art's mu-sick. Atmosphere of sickest depression and Doom-ish sound will grow into a tumor inside your brain.
SS-18 (rus) — Voices of Funeral
Industrialized Black Metal, TAPE

Fire-winged birds will illuminate the sky, leaden drops will burn the earth, humans = insects. Four songs infected with inhuman hatred.

We also received good responce from artists, which participate in ABYSSIC HATE tribute.

the release is a great piece of black art... Xerion

I've listen to it carefully. I'm satisfied with it. The cover is great and very professional (in a very underground way). Crystalline Darkness

the songs are not the usual nonsense covers and the artwork fits perfectly with the concept! The True Endless

02.IV.2010 a.b.





your 'holy' easter



20.III.2010 a.b.





05.II.2010 a.b.
Kvele "Dawn of the Impaler" TAPE release cancelled.

25.XII.2009 a.b.




23.X.2009 a.b.




NOW !!

25.IX.2009 a.b.
• Things returned to normal at last. Seems, that all mails were answered, so if you didn't receive answer, resend you mail.

• We want to inform, that two new releases will be available in mid-october:
    Grim Destroyer (grc) — Might and Majesty TAPE ltd. 333
    Misanthropic Art (rus) — Homicides TAPE ltd. 333

• We reached agreements with several bands on making tape releases, so "bands" sector will be updated soon.

• Previously announced TAPE release of Revelation of Hatred "Age of Chaos, Darkness and Destructions" was cancelled!