02.VIII.2009 a.b.
I'm in process of moving to another location now, so label's activity will decrease a lot. Snail mail address will be changed too, so DO NOT SEND ANYTHING until future notice. I will be able to read/answer e-mails from time to time only, so do not wait quick reply. Hope, this will not be a long break.

10.VI.2009 a.b.

Satanic Black Metal

"Rising Star of Armageddon"

TAPE is lim. to 333 h/n copies

sample 1 | sample 2

Epic Black Metal

XERION (spa)
"Pale Death, Black Shadow"

TAPE is lim. to 333 h/n copies

sample 1 | sample 2 | sample 3

Funeral Ambient Metal

POGOST (blr)
"For Those Who Sleep Forever..."

TAPE is lim. to 111 h/n copies

sample 1 | sample 2

23.IV.2009 a.b.
Baal Zebuth — We are Sathanas TAPE is sold-out.

02.IV.2009 a.b.
Some news from WOLFRAM's bunker.
  • "Pale Death, Black Shadow" tape edition will include four tracks as bonus side (not one bonus track as previously announced) taken from Xerión's split release with Decayed. This release is long ago sold-out and was never released on tape, so you will have chance to hear it.
    Nocturno said: "The songs are based on my inner feelings in one of my worst periods of my life." Expect "Pale Death, Black Shadow" tape edition in the end of may/june.

  • The same time Vindicta's "Rising Star of Armaggedon" will be released.

  • Tape releases: Inhein "Dead Hush" and Dead christ Cult "Stigma" are not available more. Baal Zebuth's tape edition of "We are Sathanas" only few copies left.

  • UGBM orieted printed 'zines and web-zines may send proof of their existence to receive promo-packs. Do not beg!!! No answer means no interest.

13.III.2009 a.b.
Sub-label Sounds of Tormenting Pain opened and it's first release announced. Tape version of Pogost's album "Вечно Спящим..." (For those who sleep forever...) will be released this year.
Be prepared for really dark, viscous and haunting atmosphere - 45 minutes of Funeral Ambient Metal.
Limitation: ~100 copies.

21.II.2009 a.b.
Finally, after CDR release (Macabre Prod., 2004 a.b.) and two TAPE editions (Nihil Rex, 2005? a.b. and Wolfram Prod., 2008 a.b.) this "Black Gem" of UGBM available as regular audio-CD.

JAWS13 BAAL ZEBUTH "Unholy Baal Zebuth" CD

There were enough words said before, so you know what to expect - TRUE attitude only!
Known "dirty" Black Metal with disgusting grim vocals full of hatred to the living - total devotion to Blackness.

sample 1, sample 2

Tracklist of this CD edition is the same as Wolfram Prod.'s tape edition, so do not expect something "new".

01.II.2009 a.b.
Some time ago agreement was reached with Nocturno of XERIÓN.
Tape edition of EP entitled "Palida Morte, Negra Sombra" (Pale Death, Black Shadow) will be released under banner of Wolfram Prod.
Epic Black Metal from Galicia, Spain. five tracks dedicated to Ancient Darkness and Forgotten Times. This edition will also include bonus track. Release will be limited to 333 h/n copies, b/w pro-printed covers + stickers for both tape sides.

12.I.2009 a.b.
Agreement reach with Morrigan on release two Satanic Pieces of Blackness.
  • Vindicta's first album "Восходящая Звезда Армагеддона" ("Rising Star of Armageddon"). six fast Satanic/Antihuman/christ-crushing Hymns + Beherit cover.
    this album will be released as TAPE and will be limited to 333 h/n copies. b/w pro-printed covers + stickers for both tape sides. probably, this will be out in spring of 2009 a.b.

  • Откровение Ненависти "Эра Хаоса, Тьмы и Разрушений" (Revelation of Hatred "Age of Chaos, Darkness and Destructions"). five tracks of Raw Satanic Black Metal + Mutiilation cover. release date, quantity and other details will be announced later.
Info about Vindicta / Откровение Ненависти can be found in "bands" sector.

In other news/site updates:
      &bull Ghornumn's tape release "Misanthropical Dreams" is not available more.
      &bull "releases" sector: available releases now separated from non availables.
      &bull "distro" sector: Wolfram Prod. releases separated.
      &bull "info" sector: due to not waste my time answering pathetic mails.

25.XII.2008 a.b.

INHEIN (rus)
Raw Black Metal

"Dead Hush" (lim. to 222)

sample 1, sample 2

DEAD christ CULT (ukr)
Blasphemous Black Metal

"Stigma" (lim. to 400)

sample 1, sample 2, sample 3

Misanthropic Black Metal

"Lifeless Nothing" (lim. to 333)

sample 1, sample 2