3 TAPE releases are in the print. Release date: soon.

Sector "Bands" updated: info about INHEIN added.

Next releases will be out in December of 2008th/January of 2009th. Titles will follow.

Tenebrosa Invidia "Odium humani Generis" is not available more.

Sector "Bands" updated: info about DEAD christ CULT and MISANTHROPIC ART added.

Ritual Suicide "Soul Ripping Ritual" and Krumkach "Чорныя мроi нянавiсьцi" are not available more.

Distro updated.


JAWS06: Baal Zebuth - We are Sathanas (lim. to 333)
JAWS07: Ritual Suicide - Soul Ripping Ritual (lim to 111)
JAWS08: Krumkach - Чорныя мроi нянавiсьцi (lim to 111)
JAWS09: Ghornumn - Misanthropical Dreams (lim to 222)

Info, samples, images available!

Distro-list is _NOT_ actual (however, most of titles presented there still availave), it will be update soon. Ask!

I am back:
- huge distro update
- all mails answered
- if you didn't get answer, resend your mail

Label closed 'till August. NO mails, NO orders, NO answers. NOTHING! You may send your mails, but I will answer them later.

Baal Zebuth "Unholy Baal Zebuth" is not avalable more.

sector "HORDES" updated - info about KRUMKACH and GHORNUMN added.

New tape releases announced!
Tape version of demo of Black Metal one-man project KRUMKACH "Чорныя мроi нянавiсьцi" ("Black Visions of Hatred"). Blackness. Dampness. Dirt. Disgust. Hatred. Tape version will be limited to 111 copies. KRUMKACH hails from Belarus.
GHORNUMN "Misanthropical Dreams". This is one-man-band too, but hails from Russia. GHORNUMN plays very Atmospheric Black Metal with different lyrics devoted to Misathropy, Death, Space and Antichristianity. This edition will be out with two bonus tracks, which were taken from previously unreleased demo.
Previously announced demo "Soul Ripping Ritual" from RITUAL SUICIDE will be limited to 111 copies.

Hydrogenium "Black Madness" is not avalable more.

JAWS03 - Hydrogenium "Black Madness" and JAWS04 - Tenebrosa Invidia "Odium humani Generis" released.

Tenebrosa Invidia and Hydrogenium upcoming releases were sent to print.

distro section updated. CDRs, CDs, Zines sections added. sure, trades are possible with UGBM labels.

sector "HORDES" updated - info about bands added.

Two more tape releases announced under the banner of Wolfram Prod!
Release one - tape version of BAAL ZEBUTH's album "We are Satanas". Second opus from South-Russia Blasphemers - expect nothing but ESSENTIAL BLACK METAL in it's purest form.
Release two - demo "Soul Ripping Ritual" from one-man band RITUAL SUICIDE (Ukraine). Previously self-released, but now will be out with proper layout + 1 bonus track. This will be not one more down-tempo suicidal Black Metal. Die, sheeps!, this release will torture you!
Release dates + more info will follow!

I've reach the agreement with Squichraar of TENEBROSA INVIDIA (Russia). "Odium Humani Generis" (limited to 218 copies) will be realease on Wolfram Prod in summer 2008.

All distro items have detailed description now.

JAWS01 - Hydrogenium "human Holocaust" and JAWS02 - Baal Zebuth "Unholy Baal Zebuth" released.