Releases under WOLFRAM PROD:

"Rising Star of Armaggedon" TAPE ltd. 333

Idea about creation of Vindicta was born back in 2006. The translation of name of the band from Latin is vengeance or avenger. In 2005 I created band Approaching Inevitability together with another musician. I played the guitar and wrote lyrics, the second guitarist composed music. Less than year pass and the music starts to moving away from Black Metal, as music-kind and ideologic-king too. This causes big conflicts in the band.

Then I realize to make all my own, so, Vindicta was create. I rejected searching of musicians, as most of them want popularity and possibility to gain money on music. I don't want to cooperate with such kind of persons. In the beginning the Vindicta's recording was made for companions-in-arms, but then, not logng ago, idea became to release this recording.

Lyrical conception is Chaos, Darkness, Hatred, Descruction - all In The Glory of Him!!!

The purpose of my music - to bring His Name!!! This is one of the options to praise Him!!!

Nox Irae, Nox illa
Solvet saelcum
In favilla.

updated: VIII.2009