Releases under WOLFRAM PROD:

"Voices of Funeral" TAPE ltd. 99
"The Walls Become Clenched..." TAPE ltd. 111

Band SS-18 was created in 2001 by musicians of such formations as BESTIARY and BAAL ZEBUTH. SS-18 continue to bring themes of Armageddon and antihuman war (most precise on nuclear weapon and all that belongs to it), which was rose up earlier by MISANTHROPIC ART. Two years later Nobody (the leader of formation) was forced to stay alone with his own offspring in hands, but he continued to work on SS-18 as studio project.
In 2008, after five years of silence, Nobody gained new members for SS-18 and till the end of the year he recorded and released his very first full-lenght named as "Technogen Pandemonium" which describes the beauty of nuclear Armageddon and extinction of humanity in its all glory.

SS-18 has no relations to ns. "SS-18" is the label of Russian strategic nuclear missile, also named as "Satana".
All people SUCK!!!

updated: X.2010