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"Soul Ripping Ritual" TAPE ltd. 111

first of all I would tell you, that the meaning of band's name RITUAL SUICIDE has nothing to do with suicide as result of human problems and weakness.
it means nothing else but deification of Fanatism and Black Devotion to death!

so the fate was sealed.
in 2005 RITUAL SUICIDE begins Hell

The first experience of writing songs and recordings.
the result sound was close to noise.
Now these works are destroyed because of their uselessness
nothing more

creation of new songs..
lyrics is primitive but full of violence
music is oriented to 90's Black Metal

comrade joins me to play the drums
in summer we rehearsed stuff and recorded all on tapes
then we take 4 song of these raw rehearsals and create "DEMO I"
It was selfreleased on the MC.

I dont need services of comrade anymore and create "DEMO II" alone
I used past songs but with the changed lyrics, which became deeper.. also I start to improve the style of writing ideas and work above music which should be addition to the Word.

I should tell you that the essence of BLACK Metal band RITUAL SUICIDE is SATANISM (if the name and logo explain it not enough).
all the Lyrics is inspired by It and Devotion is a Soul of RITUAL SUICIDE
I dont want to abusing His Name in lyrics, so I prefer to keep HIM in heart.
the general theme of RITUAL SUICIDE is HUMILIATION of the human essence and is based on things like HATRED, SADISM, HARMING MIND SICKNESS, EVIL INTENTIONS. PHYSICAL SUFFERING and life-DESTRUCTION
also was created self-made Split with an old (and dead) Satanic Death Metal band IZUVER
I've made some cover versions of oldschool BM bands for it
Its not in vein of RITUAL SUICIDE, it was some kind of experiment and this experiment has failed.

in the end of the year band rehearse with a drummer, but due to different troubles he doesn't take his part in recording of a following demo.

in february I record "SOUL RIPPING RITUAL"
guitar parts had been recorded on dictophone during one cold night, practically in the street
then mixed at home with voice and drum programming
demo contains 3 new songs and a cover of VROLOK's "Within The Master's Chambers".

updated: IX.2008