Releases under WOLFRAM PROD:

"Dream of the Dead" TAPE ltd. 99
"Antihumanity" CD ltd. 500
"Homicides" TAPE ltd. 333
"Lifeless Nothing" TAPE ltd. 333

Band Misanthropic Art was created as studio project in autumn 1999 by Sadist a guitarist of Stavropol Black Metal band Baal Zebuth. At the beginning the music was inspired by such senses and emotions as depression, hate, malice and all these gave cause for choosing band's name Misanthropic Art.

First demo tape is called "Humanity Will Know the Death" (1999). It is high-speed (Sadist uses electronic drums) Black Metal with primary touches of hysterical and psychopatical guitar and vocal parts. Then demo tapes "Antihumanity" (2000), "March to Armageddon" (2000), "Echoes of War" (2001) appeared and it was Black Metal but the musical style of the project became more and more individual. The style of the band nowadays is true Chaotic Speed Misanthropic Metal.

At the same time Misanthropic Art was working hard on the Dark Metal albums "Dream of the Dead" (2000) and "Burden of Timeless" (2002). Using traditional method to metal music Sadist also appeals to ambient, electronic and industrial, which are organically presented in some of his compositions adding originality to them.

Misanthropic Art is in the close lyrics composing cooperation with some persons from local underground scene. Songs touch themes of dark aspects of a soul, war, madness and total hate towards this fucking world.

The author of the project takes his duties of drum programming very seriously and it distinguishes him from many other bands with stupid drum machine. The band has done cover songs of Darkthrone "Ravnajuv" and Impaled Nazarene "Sadhu Satana".

updated: X.2010