Releases under WOLFRAM PROD:

"Dead Hush" TAPE ltd. 222

There were unexpected event durig live ritual, which was planned to perform during christmas. The band made this ritual as objection against pressure of religion and it's morality. This activity causes the "storm" inside the protestant sects, attempting to interrupt the event, but they had fail.
Six month later the band started to record the firts full-lenght. Recording was made during the night in the puppet-theatre building - exact place and time. But, long before this procedure, the demo-record existed. The demo was lo-fi sounding, but very well reflected the mood of these past days.
There were two members, who did the recording, the third joined soon, so, the lineup was formed. Drummer joined the band after the end of recording process. Some month later this release was commited to oblivion. Demo was never released and spreaded only from hands to hands in the narrow circle.
Wolfram Prod. has initiate desperate expidition and you will be able to hear this recording.

Line Up:
Howl - bass,gravelyrics & malefications, vocals
Saint - napalmguitar, blasphemy, back vocals
Pervertor - napalmguitar, profanation
Exhumer - battery, exhumation

no slam, no mosh, no fun

updated: XII.2008