Releases under WOLFRAM PROD:

"Black Madness" TAPE ltd. 100
"human Holocaust" TAPE ltd. 250

...this project was born back in 1999, inside the souls of two madmen, which were overcrowded with fury, signed with hatred to living.

We laugh at values of this world. We hanker for Destruction and Chaos, that fill us with strenght. Our look is directed into the flame, which devour this dim and leaden world, that full of moths which only goal is to propagate and make dirt all around themselves. Irrationality is our law. Madness is our good sense. We see death, where life is full. Our way is lighted up with twinkling of stars which are far away and they watch indifferently with cold eyes from lifeless emptiness. Agony and death are our pleasure.

We sing our hymns to destruction, death and oblivion. Appearances which are born from suffering of mad dispair lead us into labyrinth of our souls, where we will find key to unbounded strenght, which devour all human-like, that lives inside us yet. Shuddering in recovery of sight, seeing the way, we aim to change ourselves forever - destroy human feelings: emotions, weaknesses, become the substance of chaos itself.

Let them, who not afraid of madness, chaos and Enlightenment will understand our characters. Let them, who live in hypocritical good, lying order and morality of herd will see the reflections of their fears - secret and obvious ones. This will full their monkeys' hearts.

updated: VII.2008