Releases under WOLFRAM PROD:

"split (Lash/Deathmoor) — Nausea of Inner City" TAPE ltd. 99
"Salvo Honoris Morte" TAPE ltd. 99
"Mors Ultima Ratio" TAPE ltd. 99

While activity of the bands BLIZZARD and THE HOLOCAUST were put on hold, members of these bands and members of BAAL ZEBUTH recorded new and unusal stuff which surprised everyone. This project got the name DEATHMOOR later and recorded stuff was issued as the first demo-record. In that year DEATHMOOR was frozen due to some circumstance.
Soon after activization of ALIENATION COLD in 2006 the band DEATHMOOR become alive again and started to work on new stuff. This stuff was recorded as first full-lenght with name "Mors Ultima Ratio", which was released in 2008 and become the new milestone in the history of Stavropol Nekrodivizion. The music of DEATHMOOR is radically different to regular BM - it is the cold and gloomy atmosphere, permanent sense of death and estrangement along with deep lyrics of Suicide. All these helped the band became known in Underground.

updated: III.2011