Releases under WOLFRAM PROD:

"Stigma" TAPE ltd. 400 (co-release with The Kether Crown)

Band was started in 2003. In the begining there were two men in the band. Later bass-player joined, but then he leave.


1. Dead Christ (demo) 2003
2. ...where it begins to remain (MC) 2004 Osolon Prod.
3. christdeath (MC) 2005 Osolon Prod.
4. In Hell... Through Pain... And Death (MC) Split with Namtar (Ukr) 2005 Rawblackult Prod. (Bolivia)
5. ... where it begins to remain (Pro-CDr) 2008 The Kether Crown Prod.
6. christdeath (Pro-CDr) 2008 The Kether Crown Prod.
7. Stigma (Pro-CDr) 2008 The Kether Crown Prod.

Already recorded new album "Your absurd life", which will be released on CD under The Kether Crown Prod.

updated: XII.2008