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                                        • 1 Tape = 5 Euro; 5 Tapes = 20 Euro;
                                        • 1 CD = 10 Euro; 4 CDs = 35 Euro; 8 CDs = 60 Euro;
                                        • 1 zine = 5 Euro;
                                        * — only one copy in stock;

minimal order — 20 Euro / 30 $; postage already include.

split (Accursed christ/Decadence) (rus)

CD: Cold Breathe of Silence Prod.

LCFR worship from two unfamous until now russian bands. Storming and hateful Black Metal by ACCURSED CHRIST and raw depressive stuff by DECADENCE.
split (Ancestral (usa)/Wedard (ger))

CD: Nokturnal Transmission Rec.

Ancestral plays grim suicidal black metal concerned with the environment and humanity as plague while the legendary Wedard creates vast landscapes of desolate melodic black metal!
split (Andrarakh (ger) / Triumphus Mortis (ita) / Gorrenje (ger) / Movimento d'Avanguardia Ermetico (ita)) (A5 CD: 13 Euro)

CD: Slava Prod.

Visionaries of Valiant Vagaries. Over 60 minutes of supreme misanthropic art storming from Italy & Germany. The CD is presented in a DVD case and comes with 4-page booklet, poster + all these 4 bands' cloth patches! Limited edition of 1,000 hand-numbered copies.
split (Assamalla/Kalm) (est) — Estonian Cult Metal Bombardment...

CD: Stuka Sound

includes cult black metal demos from 1998 by both Estonian bands: Assamalla 'Taamalt toustet toonetarmu' and Kalm '...Loputu'. Available again with new artwork.

*** free with orders above 30 Euro ***
split (Astarot (mex)/Lux Funestus (mex)/Du Temps Perdu (mex)/Neftaraka (my))

CD: Metallic Media

Humo, Cenizas y Muerte (Smoke, Ashes and Death)

*** free with orders above 30 Euro ***
* split (Bahimiron/Unchrist) (usa) — Last of the Confederates

CD: Graveless Slumber Rec.

The Bahimiron tracks are NOT new, they were recorded in between 'Pure Negativism..' and 'Southern Nihilizm' with 'Texas Witch Hammer' being an unfinished song completed for this split, these tracks were originally for the double 7' split with Ashdautas, Ibex Throne, and Skirrhus that did not happen. The Unchrist tracks are ALL new recorded in 2007 with a full lineup, these tracks are exclusive to this split.
* split (Black Angel (bra)/Evil (svk)) — Infernal Rituals

CD: Eerie Torture

split (Blood Red Fog/Verge) (fin) — Because It's Wrong (digi-CD: 11 Euro)

CD: Helvete.ru

split release between two finnish bands: V: 6 traks; BRF: 4 tracks. 69 minutes total.
split (Bosque (prt)/Senthil (usa))

CD: Pale Horse Rec.

Extremely bleak, harsh and unforgiving doom is what Bosque and Senthil offer, each in their own specific way, on this split release courtesy of the brand new Pale Horse Recordings. The material on this split is to commercial doom metal much as lo-fi, underground black metal is to its commercial counterpart.
split (Cyber Baphomet / Karna) (rus) — Void 2.0

CD: S.N.D. Prod.

Two masters of Russian dark electronics.
split (Doomguard/Beyond Ye Grave) (rus) — Ave Satan Morituri...

CD: Cold Breath of Silence Prod.

Split release from russian unholy alcosatanic terrorists BEYOND YE GRAVE and Moonblood-worhipers DOOMGUARD. Fukking Black Metal, nothing more!
* split (Folkvang (blr)/Pagan Hellfire (can)) — Firmament Eclipse

CD: Ancient Nation/Kasla

Black Metal from Belarus and Canada. Four hymns from each band honouring the eternal wind, the isolated night, and the glorious past!
* split (Korgull The Exterminator/Morbid Yell) (spa)

CD: Thor's Hammer Prod.

4 tracks from each. dirty sound, raw guitar work and so on... minimalistick cover art also.
* split (Krv (bih)/Foscor (spa)) — The Burial's Flavours

CD: Diachell Musik

Krv's part of the cd contains 4 tracks of pure Slavic Black Metal recorded during May/June 2008 and Foscor's part of the cd contains 4 tracks of Dark Black Metal + 2 bonus live tracks and an exclusive Intro.
split (Lyrinx (uk)/Elysian Blaze (aus)/D.O.R (prt)) — Universal Absence

CD: Insidious Poisoning Rec.

The common denominator uniting the trio is a doom inspired black metal base; beyond this foundation, they deviate widely in both style and approach.
* split (Mayhem (nor)/The Meads of... (uk)) — Freezing Moon/Jihad

CD: Supernal Music

The Mayhem tracks date back to 1990, and were the only ones the band ever recorded in a studio with the classic line up. The The Meads of Asphodel tracks were inspired by the 11 September 2001 attack.
split (Moriturus (rus) / Xynobis (rus)) — Confrontation of Opposites 1995

CD: S.N.D. Prod.

Moriturus and Xynobis are two projects that existed from 1994 to 1996. In many respects they were the predecessors of legendary Karna. Until this day their legacy was available only for select individuals and was perceived as history sunk into oblivion as it gave way to more relevant incarnations.
split (Naastrand/Darkenhold) (fra)

CD: Ancestrale Prod.

N: The band deals with the dark aspects of Scandinavian Mythology and with some old forgotten legends.
D: certain vision of Black Metal, adorned with melodious darkness and medieval atmospheres, opening its doors to imagination.
split (Nav' (Навь) / Deathmoor) (rus) — De Morte Peccati Ad Mortem (slipcase-CD: 11 Euro)

CD: S.N.D. Prod.

North and South.
* split (Nocturnal Amentia (ukr) / Black Grave (uk))

CD: Slava Prod.

The Last Exhalation Before the End. After many delays and endless wait, the blasphemous sp(l)it on human values and beliefs has been come out! The first 9 tracks were taken from the amazing debut album tape '08 of Nocturnal Amentia Orden! While Black Grave performs 9 tracks of hateful and crushing black metal a bit influenced by Satanic Warmaster & Verivala. Their part features the long sold out demo tapes from '07 & '05, not remastered to keep the pure raw aesthetic!
split (Pogost (rus)/Azaghal (fin)/Decayed (prt)) — Bringers of Black Death

CD: Cold Breathe of Silence Prod.

Collaboration of finnish AZAGHAL, portugal DECAYED and russian POGOST. Black triumvirate which bring Black Death to mankind!
* split (Sad (grc)/Warwulf (usa)) — Walking the Paths of Despair

CD: Thor's Hammer Prod.

SAD intented to play dismal and pessimistic raw Black Metal as minimal as it gets, with no keyboards and samples. lyrical content deals with the dark aspects of life and beyond! Killer Work. WARWULF play Sick and Raw Occult Evil Misanthropic Black Metal, not for the ears of mass! True Fucking 90's Black Metal in the veins of Seigneur Voland and Satanic Warmaster!!
split (Shoggoth/Ars Sacra) (rus) — Сумерки.../Прах... (digi-CD: 11 Euro)

CD: Ridge ov Dragon

Split of two Kaoz followers Ariakhas'a (Shoggoth) And ErichZahn'a (Ars Sacra, ex-Odor Mortis)! Raw Black Metal from the followers of Kvlt! Dementia, pain, cynicism, disgust with life
split (The True Endless (ita) / Gromm (ukr) / Evil Wrath (can)) — Rape Their Souls with Black Metal Wrath (digi-CD: 11 Euro)

CD: Slava Prod.

Released as a great full-coloured Digipak CD, including 12-page booklet with all lyrics, etc.! Limited edition of 1,000 hand-numbered copies!
split (Twilight Is Mine (rus) / Grey Heaven Fall (rus)) ((slipcase CD: 11 Euro))

CD: Aesthetics of Devastation

split release between two russian bands
* split (Ulvdalir/Lindisfarne) (rus) — Metal Wolves of Death

CD: Assavlt Rex.

ULVDALIR increasingly delve into the legacy of Norwegians DARKTHRONE and the study of the oldschool territories, but it is still far from blind imitation. LINDISFARN also traditionally give rapid and ominous European BM. Mighty quality and fanatical commitment to their ideas and ideals put this split-album in a series of decent cooperation northerners and southerners.
split (Aboriorth/Balmog) (spa) — Descend... /Necroangels...

TAPE: Oniric Rec.

A true piece of Black Art. Aboriorth plays cold and sinister Black Metal while Balmog executes total raw and infernal Black Metal. Nothing more than pure Darkness worship from the Iberian Underground.
split (Aboriorth/Dhaubgurz) (spa) — The Deepest Pain...

TAPE: Final Embrace Rec.

Awesome Black Metal split, harmful tunes against the noisy mankind.
split (Aymrev Erkroz Prevre/Black Seas of Infinity)

TAPE: Ravenheart

Each band gets one track per side. One short track and one long (over 10minutes). This music is a fog you absorb, the droning presence of night only interrupted by samples and clashing electrical signals.
split (Black Empire/Kratornas/Nakkiga/Xerion) — Four Concentric Ways...

TAPE: Nigra Mors

split between Mexico/Philippines/Spain/Spain.
split (Black Winter/Eternal Darkness) (grc) — Craving for...

TAPE: War Prod.

tape split from two greece bands.
side BW: 2 tracks of HQ produced BM + 2 ambient tracks + 2 live covers (satyricon - mother north, rotting christ - sorrowful farewell)
side ED: 4 tracks of atmospheric BM + outro.
split (Blight (can)/Svarthyr (ger)/Khaos Aeon (ger)) — Anarchonic...

TAPE: Heavy Penetration Prod.

2 tracks from each band of this split. Different 'types' of Black Metal, but stll it is interesting combination.
split (Crepusculum/Leichengott) (pol) — Pestis Mordet...

TAPE: Hail Satan 666 Prod.

Satanic Madness, Bestial Fury, Outburst of Total Hate and Black Violent Metal. Two the most extreme hordes under the sign of HS666 Prod. Eat the Pest, inhale the Poison and listen at maximum violence only!
split (Ctanic (usa)/Nortavlaggh.377 (sgp)) — Plague ov.../Let the War...

TAPE: Sabbathid Rec.

Six Primitive, Harsh & Antihuman Black Metal hymns from Ctanic and five Propaganda War Black Metal tracks with some industrial touches from Nortavlaggh.377. Pro b/w covers.
split (Deus Ignotus (grc)/Abnorm (fra)) — Reflexions... (pro-TAPE)

TAPE: De Umbris Prod.

Limited to 150 handnumbered pro tapes. New work for both bands. Inspired and raw black metal from the Greek Deus Ignotus, versus talented and devastating black/death metal from the French Abnorm! Killer split with two promising great bands!
split (Drauggard (rus)/Criptum(ita))

TAPE: Undead Propaganda

split between Russian Drauggard and Italian Criptum. Both play raw ug black metal. The release is limited to 150 copies.
split (Erhabenheit (ger)/Vinterkrig (rus)) — Epitaphien.../Ashes...

TAPE: Osolon

Erhabenheit side: Epitaphien der Wintergeister rehearsal room recording from 2006. Vinterkrig side: Ashes of Non-Existence rehearsal room recording from 2002.
split (Erhabenheit/Wolfsschrei) (ger)

TAPE: Osolon

different version from 7' EP. E: 5 tracks. W: 4 tracks.
split (Evil/Lugubris) (svk) — V Pekelnom.../Vazanie...

TAPE: Suicide Taste Prod./Werewolf Promotion

Underground BM in it's true form!!! two slovakian hordes did their best!
split (Fading Sun/Dsoltb) (blr) — Shift off the Shells

TAPE: Be Blessed the Cursed

Sepulchral unity of two krywian projects, presenting stark ill-omened funereal doom distorted with eerie experimental soundscapes. Hear the knell...
split (Gromm (ukr)/Wings of War (pol)) — In The Glare.../War Forever

TAPE: Unholy World

Gromm - Black Metal. EP from 2006. Great stuff!
Wings of War - Black/Thrash Metal. Moontower member.
split (Hell Eternal/Qassam) (hun)

TAPE: Sigillvm Tenebrae Rec.

ltd. to 100 h/n copies.
HE: this ultra-raw and Khaotic rehearsal was recorded somewhere in 2008.
Q: recorded live in Budapest, Hungary as the openers for mighty Volcano, at 16.II.2010 a.b.
split (Heretic Blaze (bel)/Eterna Penumbra (spa))

TAPE: War Prod.

BM in a very Underground way.
split (Hromovlad/Slavigrom) (svk) — Perperuna

TAPE: Stuza Prod./Werewolf Promotion

... may the perun's axe smash the cross ...
split (Inferno (cze)/Tundra (ita)) — Tormented Belief (pro-TAPE)

TAPE: Strigoi Rec.

Two black metal monoliths, each brings a dose of underground black metal with some new tracks and covers.
split (Kaltemond/Gyotrelem) (hun)

TAPE: Sigillvm Tenebrae Rec.

this split was recorded in pring 2010.
split (Lash/Deathmoor) (rus) — Nausea of Inner City

TAPE: Wolfram Prod.

side 'Lash': SND brings something 'unusal and fresh' into Underground BM — different types of vocals and untypical guitar riffs. Great combitation. Great feeling. No doubt.
side 'Deathmoor': look at the City through the perverted visions. It's alive, whith its own personality! Pileups of nits, social trash and rivers of traffic.
split (Malefic Mist/Apathia) (ita) — Cold Ways

TAPE: Heavy Penetration Prod.

Cold Black Metal in vein of mid 90's Darkthrone vs. Depressive Black Metal with some 'melodic' touches.
split (Mystes (pol)/Diagon (cze)) — Satanic Calamity (pro-TAPE)

TAPE: Strigoi Rec.

Split 2009 - two BM tornados, Mystes with huge atmospheric raw BM Diagon with fast furious BM for maniacs of Marduk...
split (Nihilistic Kaos (fra)/War Blasphemy (prt))

TAPE: War Prod.

side NK: 'NECRO SAD Black Metal' 23:40
Side WB: 'The Prophecy Of The Apocalipse' 23:30

if you need description for this split, be sure you don't need it.
* split (Odium Perpetuum/D.O.R.) (prt) — United in Hate & Pain

TAPE: Hellwar Prod.

This split is featuring two underground depressive Portuguese Black Metal acts, great stuff.
split (Omen (mys)/ Awicha (tha)/ Blackspell (syr)) — Misanthropic...

TAPE: Satanhades Prod.

3 way split tape on pro b/w covers limited to 300 copies.
split (Osirion (fra)/Vorkuta (hun))

TAPE: War Prod.

Split release of two respected bands from france and hungary. Side Osirion: 4 tracks of cruel BM + great intro.
Side Vorkuta: more atmospheric BM from middle-age with lots of ambient.
split (Pagan Flame/Frost) (can) — Vinland Alliance

TAPE: Sword Prod.

Split of two proud Pagan Black Metal hordes from Quebec, including a fantastic cover of the mighty Emperor by Pagan Flame!!! Re-edition of the split CD on tape version limited to 300 copies on coloured cover!
split (Vinterriket (ger)/Vannvidd (fra))

TAPE: Ars Funebris Rec.

Vinterriket - ambient; Vannvidd - piano oriented music.
split (Vorkuta (hun)/Abigail (jap)) — Speed Metal Motherfuckerzz

TAPE: Hammer of Damnation

Black Thrashing Metal Madness!Japanese/Hungarian noisy-blasting black-thrash metal! Cult material. 2 short tracks from each of formations.
split (Wargoatcult/Xerion) (spa) (pro-TAPE)

TAPE: Nigra Mors

fresh split from spanish lands.
W: 5 songs of bestial Black/Death metal.
X: 3 songs.
ltd. 100 h/n copies.
* split (Wschod/Simeris) (pol) — Korzenie Zla (pro-TAPE)

TAPE: Strigoi Rec.

Two proud polish BM bulldozers. Harsh and proud on the side of Wschod raw, dirty in the good old polish vein on the side of Simeris.