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New items added: 10.04.2016

1 Euro / 2 Euro coins are acceptable. US dollars also acceptable. Ask for prices in U$.
prices (postage include):
                                        • 1 Tape = 5 Euro; 5 Tapes = 20 Euro;
                                        • 1 CD = 10 Euro; 4 CDs = 35 Euro; 8 CDs = 60 Euro;
                                        • 1 zine = 5 Euro;
                                        * — only one copy in stock;

minimal order — 20 Euro / 30 $; postage already include.

Antidogmatic (blr) — Demo

TAPE: Abortion Prod.

This release created under the hard influence of ukrainian Lucifugum's "Stigma Egoism". Recomendations!
Blood Stained Dusk (usa) — Continuance of Evil (6 Euro)

TAPE: Propaganda

Odious Satanic Black Metal Liturgy
Dark Ages (ukr) — A Chronicle of the Plague

TAPE: Werewolf Promotion

created and recorded in july and september '06. includes bonus track - 1347. absolute MUST release!
Demiurg (pol) — From the Throne of Darkness

TAPE: Werewolf Promotion

available for trade: x5

Raw polish Black Metal with Moontower member on vocals.
Forgot (rus) — Burning Down (6 Euro)

TAPE: Osolon

One of the oldest Russian Black Metal formations, but very different from all this snotty paganism and patriotic shit inherent in those territories. The really talented project... The dimension not for everyone… An emptiness where the agony of life devours the melancholy of existence.
Gladsheim (fra) — War Wolf Spirit (6 Euro)

TAPE: Infernal Kommando

Re-release of the 'War Wolf Spirit' GLADSHEIM demo CDR. 8 tracks of killer french black. With a cover of the french cult band KRISTALLNACHT.
* Graveland (pol) — Immortal Pride (6 Euro)

TAPE: Oriana/Kolovrat Prod.

Immortal Pride has two terrific melodic black metal songs wrapped around by two symphonic epic pieces that are good if not entirely spectacular. Truth be told, this album lacks a bit of the vigor and vitriol of Thousand Swords. But Darken’s ambition of venomous grandeur is very apparent here. All this of course will remind you of Bathory.
Insidious Omen (can) — Anointed with the Blood of Chaos

TAPE: Morbid Count Prod.

holy shit!!! one of the best tape releases of 2010 so far! 3 tracks - almost 30 mins of insanity!
Kaли Юга (rus) — Ядерная Зима


Post Nuclear Art. this is not typical kind of ambient. great stuff!!
Korium (svk) — The Pendulum of Sorrow

TAPE: Suicide Taste Prod./Hexencave Prod.

Nihilistic Grim BM With Ambient Influences. ltd. to 300 Copies. MUST!
L'Ordre du Temple (ita) — In Hoc Signo Vinces

TAPE: War Flagellation Prod.

epic medieval project created by Davide (Eneth, Dolcinian, Fourth Monarchy). The music of L.D.T. is a mixture of different styles, but the most evident influences are Summoning, with a medieval -ambient touch.
Leichenstatte (ger) — Qualend aus der Tiefe

TAPE: Heavy Penetration Prod.

DSBM with rehearsal sound quality. slow, but atmospheric. excellent! 266 copies.
Lugubris (swi) — self-titled

TAPE: Inquisitoris Ex Mundus Novus

Fuck!!! This demo is the reflection of BM beginning. Raw, ugly, agressive with dirty vocals and brilliant melodies!
Lupus Nocturnus (mex) — Suicidal Thoughts Pt. I

TAPE: Thor's Hammer Prod.

52 Minutes of pure Melancholic depressive sick and Archaic Black Metal for fans of the Old Nargaroth and Old Burzum.
Lutomysl (ukr) — Catharsis (6 Euro)

TAPE: Propaganda

Jet Black Metal Art
Misanthropic Art (rus) — Possessed by Bestiality

TAPE: Oupiric

In our oppinion, this is simply THE BEST WORK of the project up to date. Chaotic Speed Misanthropic Metal. Malestone. Darkthrone's cover inside.
Moontower (pol) — Antichrist Supremacy Domain

TAPE: Hammer of Damnation

follows a clear path of those of the older blood of Black Metal! Pure worship of olden times, and breathing new air, with a renewed hate! This is the finest moments of Polish Black Metal in the most recent years.
Odor Mortis (rus) — Spasi i Otsosi

TAPE: Odium Prod.

Excellent Black Metal with some keyboards parts. In the vein of the 90's Swedish/Norwegian bands.
Panzerfrost (spa) — Denial of the mankind

TAPE: Gorpubelatze Prod.

Raw and unpolished black metal, fast and aggressive played, no keyboards, no modern elements. That is it.
Perisynti (fin) — Hiilenmusta Lammas

TAPE: Inner Voice Rec.

Pure Nordic Black Metal!
Pest (ger) — Vado Mori

TAPE: Oniric Rec.

Dedicating their bandship and name to the vile 14th century plague of Europe, this band expresses their hatred through early 90s Black Metal worship, especially that of European origin.
Warmarch (svk) — Pactum Cum Diabolus

TAPE: Cantus de Leprae

tape version of this Satanic BM piece, ltd to 218 copies
Weltbrand (hol) — The Cloud of Retaliation

TAPE: Stuza Prod.

A new sign of death from this Dutch Nihilistic Assault Squad! ten new tracks that will incinerate your soul with devastating atomic violence.
World's Blackness (fra) — self-titled

TAPE: Sabbath's Fire

record with the STRONGEST atmosphere. slow accoustic passages and ambience combined with UGBM power. have to find something that once was lost. trice a MUST!!
split (Evil/Lugubris) (svk) — V Pekelnom.../Vazanie...

TAPE: Suicide Taste Prod./Werewolf Promotion

Underground BM in it's true form!!! two slovakian hordes did their best!