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New items added: 10.04.2016

1 Euro / 2 Euro coins are acceptable. US dollars also acceptable. Ask for prices in U$.
prices (postage include):
                                        • 1 Tape = 5 Euro; 5 Tapes = 20 Euro;
                                        • 1 CD = 10 Euro; 4 CDs = 35 Euro; 8 CDs = 60 Euro;
                                        • 1 zine = 5 Euro;
                                        * — only one copy in stock;

minimal order — 20 Euro / 30 $; postage already include.

* Valfeanor (aut) — Noreia (11 Euro)

CD: Black Tower Prod.

Noreia presents the band and the two members Desderoth and Isiul (Hellsaw) in best form and offers raw, cold True Black Metal of the old school variety! 53 Minutes.
Vapor Hiemis (blr) — Пламя зимы

CD: Der Schwarze Tod / Autodafe

Vapor Hiemis (blr) — Чорны Арнамент Зiмы

CD: Der Schwarze Tod / Autodafe Prod. / COD Music and Distro

Varhhorn (rus) — Labyrinths of Darkness

CD: Cold Breath of Silence Prod.

Old School Gem from the landscapes of Great Ural. Black Metal as it is. The Cross Won't Save!
Veer (hun) — The Measure of Waste

CD: Caverna Abismal Rec.

Our duty in our insignificant life before we vanish away is to create Veer as a gift to remind you that anything happens there’s no hope... ...every spring is the last.
* Vemoth (swe) — Kottkroksvals

CD: Temple of Darkness Rec.

Incredible Swedish Black Metal, very well composed with a melodic touch. Influences/ like: DISSECTION, AMON AMARTH, WATAIN, SATYRICON, ARCKANUM. A future masterpiece!
Verderben (ger) — Vernichtung und Vergeltung

CD: Dunkelheit Prod.

Painful but redeeming, the cold razor opens slowly your skin. Despair and deep emotionless loneliness covers the thoughts... VERDERBEN presents the listener with their first album a immense dark and life-denying atmosphere.
Verge (fin) — To Rest the Last Time In Our Filth

CD: Helvete.ru

The second and the last release with the original line-up. 'To Rest the Last time in our Filth' presents four songs (+ outro) of intensive modern black metal against human filth & ignorance reaching for spiritual death beyond this worthless & self-destructive 'evolution'.
Vidharr (ita) — Eclipse (+ logo sticker)

CD: Helvete.ru

Debut full-lenght album after some demos and split release. Great!
Vinterkrig (rus) — Ashes of Non-Existence (digi-CD: 12 Euro)

CD: Cold Breath of Silence

Respectable incarnation of old and raw recordinds of true underground horde VINTERKRIG, project ov WINTERHEART (ULVDALIR). DIGIPACK CD, limited to 666 copies.
Vinterriket (ger) — Wege in die vergangenheit

CD: Empire/Frontline/Othal

collection of tracks from various splits and limited EPs
Vrag (hun) — Mourningwood

CD: Dark East Prod.

perfect mix of slow and heavy, with extremely fast parts.
V-Kaos (prt) — Demo II

TAPE: Skull Prod.

Twisted Dark Ambient
* VI (fra) — De Praestigiis Daemonum (pro-TAPE: 6 Euro)

TAPE: Fog of the Apocalypse

the powerful work of these French beasts is available here as a luxurious tapeversion in an edition of 300 hand-numbered copies.
Veldraveth (ven) — For the Glory of Satan

TAPE: Egg of Nihilism Prod.

old-school BM from Venezuela. this release is a collection of songs from their 3 demos, previously only available in cdr format. rawness and cruelty for the glory of Satan.
Veldraveth (ven) — Temples of the Black Flame

TAPE: Egg of Nihilism

2nd full-lenght of Venezuela's finest. Unique south-american Black Metal, rawness and cruelty with an agressive production.
Velimor (rus) — Ancestry

TAPE: Winter Solace

pagan metal with a noticeable heavy metal touch and even stronger Celtic Frost influence, which is particularly noticeable in their lurching rhythms.
Verderben (ger) — Anti/Mensch

TAPE: Dunkelheit Prod.

Like a breath from the death himself, the cold rythms of VERDERBEN freeze inside the room. Fast, but part oriented slow drums smashing happyness and felicitous feelings away. Very well spoken grim anthems of misanthropy underline the message of hateful blasphemy, that floats like a death bringing fog over the streets.
Vergos Di Noctis (fra) — Au Coeur des Elements

TAPE: Ancestrale Prod.

epic black metal from France. Limited to #100 copies
Vergos Di Noctis (fra) — Vosegus

TAPE: War Prod.

We are inspired by nature and the Elements, Celtic, Gallic civilizations and their beliefs and myths, the opposition to monotheistic religions, the dark side of life... Our music, mainly influenced by nordic bands, explore the pagan black metal with raw, viking, epic sonorities.
Verkummert (ger) — Stille

TAPE: Selbstmord Kommando Prod.

4 tracks of depression from germany. 50 tapes almost sold out from label.
Verwustung (blr) — Contra Humanum

TAPE: Omega Prod.

Mighty horde from cold and grey lands of Belarus. Raw and antihuman Black Metal in a straight natural way. Totally recommended. Limited to 100 copies, only!
Vindicta (rus) — Rising Star of Armageddon

TAPE: Wolfram Prod.

available for trade:

Listen to Black Mantras spoken in russian and latin by the witch. Six tracks in fast and raw way full of hatred and Satanic possession.
Vinternatt (svn) — In The Shades of Oblivion

TAPE: Thor's Hammer Prod.

Highly influenced by the 90's Norwegian Black Metal Scene
Vinterriket (ger) — Finsternis

TAPE: Northern Lights

compilation of different tracks on one tape.
Voido Quontur (ita) — Wolves are Descending in Town

TAPE: Tour de Garde

Atmospheric and epic Italian Black Metal made in the early nineties way.
Vorkuta (hun) — Into the Chasms of Lunacy

TAPE: Ruin Prod.

Black metal from the forest depths. Limited to 300 h/n copies.
Vostrogor (blr) — Winter is Coming

TAPE: Abortion Prod.

The first and the last demo from this UGBM project.
Vucub Came (fra) — Goat Mit Uns

TAPE: Infernal Kommando

8 Tracks. The second demo of the french Beast !!! Welcome to Hell...
Vulturine (bra) — The Signs Engraved In the Harshclouds

TAPE: Goat Music Rec.

Contaminating the damned worm cristo, THE final conflict will come for this earth and the fire will consume the whole pathetic human life and the nature of this planet, VULTURINE is THE END OF FANTASY... DEMO TAPE 2006
Vulturine (bra) — Um Cruel Destino...

TAPE: Caverna Abismal Rec.

This is a real journey to the world of someone who really knows what true blackmetal is all about.