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New items added: 10.04.2016

1 Euro / 2 Euro coins are acceptable. US dollars also acceptable. Ask for prices in U$.
prices (postage include):
                                        • 1 Tape = 5 Euro; 5 Tapes = 20 Euro;
                                        • 1 CD = 10 Euro; 4 CDs = 35 Euro; 8 CDs = 60 Euro;
                                        • 1 zine = 5 Euro;
                                        * — only one copy in stock;

minimal order — 20 Euro / 30 $; postage already include.

Taiga (rus) — Ashen Light

CD: Metallic Media / Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions / Satanath Rec.

Depressive Black Metal featuring a member of Funeral Tears.
* Teloch (fin) — Morbid Prayer

CD: Descending Towards Damnation

Morbid Prayer(s) is a manifestation of the forces that work within and beyond this entity known as Teloch. Taking the listener from raging Hellfire into the bottomless depths of Tehom. Do not expect 'typical' Finnish Black Metal from this album.
Temnohor (svk) — Pycha lesov Karpatskych

CD: Egg of Nihilism

Dare yourself into a journey through deep and forgotten woods, under the shadow of the horns. Unique sound with slight influences of old Root and old Darkthrone. This is old-school Black Metal without nowadays pop influences. If you expect a new and modern sound don't waste your time here.
* Temple of Baal (fra) — Lightslaying Rituals (12 Euro)

CD: Agonia Rec.

New album has been finally unleashed. Prepare you souls for the Triumph Of Heretic Fire!
Tenebrous (usa) — Opus Magnum (digi-CD: 11 Euro)

CD: Forever Plagued Rec.

The hatred of this embodiment of dark minds adds to the atmosphere only to reap the listener deeper into the abyss. Anyone who thinks USBM is a lost cause haven't heard Tenebrous.
Terrodrown (fra) — Colonize and Regulate

CD: Infernal Kommando

6 Tracks (43 min). Martial, intense & dark Black-indus Metal !!!
The Frost (hrv) — ...of the Forest Unknown

CD: Darzamadicus Rec.

Misanthropic Black Metal from Croatia. For fans of old-school Black Metal in the veins of Immortal, Dissection.
* The Martyrium (ger) — Verachtung

CD: Wolf Musik

Demo tape re-release on CD. Raw, but atmospheric. also includes Gorgoroth and Immortal cover songs.
The True Endless (ita) — An Year in Black

CD: Nekrogoat Heresy Prod.

In this CD the band presents 9 tracks captured on Equinoxes and Solstices rituals preformed during the years of 2005/2006.
* The True Nihilist (rus) — The Ancient Forest...

CD: Ridge ov Dragon

The first album of talanted formation fromthe underground of Ekaterinburg! Spirit, Rage, Evil, Elitism! A tribute to European Black Metal
* Thou Shalt Fall (blr) — Flaming god

CD: Nomos Dei Prod.

CD-version of THOU SHALT FALL first full-length sacrifice. Five flaming wounds of rough obscure Black metal. Doubtless step forward from times of previous records. GXfff from Baal Zebuth on drums.
Thromdarr (fin) — Electric Hellfire

CD: Violent Journey Rec.

With their new album, Thromdarr presents modern and evil view of the early thrash, black and death metal. Three members of the funeral doom pioneer SKEPTICISM are strengthening the group and ensuring that the new songs are crushing and still beautiful.
Total Angels Violence (ukr) — Death to Death

CD: Dark East Prod.

* Trancelike Void (bel) — Destroying Something Beautiful

CD: De Tenebrarum Principio

son of the hallucinated introspection, nights longer than life, wandering in a cemetery soul, this project is a poisoned chemistry of Depressive Black Metal and hypnotic negativity.
Turdus Merula (swe) — Herbarium

CD: Le Crepuscule du Soir

One-woman project from Sweden, a new era for the black metal essence.
Twilight Is Mine (rus) — When the Twilight Covers the World

CD: Oskorei

This album is an expression of our magic bond with the high Egregor of Black and has no deal with commercialism and trend in music. The Art is to be pure!
* Twilight is Mine (rus) — The Egregor of Evil

CD: Oskorei

Not to be god's slave but raise to gods - that is the meaning of life! christian tradition must be destroyed, wiped off from the Earth!
* Tyrael (ger) — Der Wald ist mein Zuhause

CD: self-released

With claims by the band of calling their sound “Green Metal”, we found it very interesting that they actually do sound different than the tons of submissions we get every day.

*** free with orders above 30 Euro ***
T.O.M.B. (usa) — Sacrilegium

TAPE: Todestrieb Rec.

Twenty minutes of Harsh Occult ritualistic Black Noise!! Extreme atmospheric creations that challenge you to listen and punish your submission!
Temnohor (svk) — Do Ponurych Smrecin....

TAPE: Krologh Prod.

4 tracks of Raw and Primitive Black Metal
Temple Abattoir (spa) — Sacrilege and Savagery (pro-TAPE)

TAPE: Nigra Mors

the only full-lenght so far. re-release on pro-tape ltd. to 250 copies.
Tenebra (ita) — Through Crying Souls I See What I Was...

TAPE: neapolis niger prod.

After 3 years of silence Tenebra is back with new great work, a masterpiece of Black Metal with epic and acoustic parts. Special guests from Burial In Sulphur and Nalvage.
Teuta (ita) — Heathen Blood

TAPE: War Flagellation Prod.

solo project of Lunaris (ex-Opera IX).
Thanathron (pol) — Hiarra

TAPE: Moon Rec.

Re-edition + bonus: all demos (2003-2006) on one tape. 24 tracks ( 80minuts)
The Frost (hrv) — ...of the Forest Unknown

TAPE: War Prod.

Latest work of croatian maniacs. Tape version of the first full-lenght album. expect the same rage and quality as previous.
The Frost (hrv) — Between Ice and Fire (pro-TAPE)

TAPE: Strigoi Rec.

new material from Croatian BM band - cult misanthropic BM in oldschool vein...
The Frost (hrv) — Damned and Forgotten

TAPE: Ravenheart

Catching, agressive misanthropic black metal with full strong riffs. Second demo from this band.
The Last Twilight (spa) — Unholy Terror Assault

TAPE: War Flagellation Prod.

Occult and morbid Satanic order from the mystic mountains of spanish lands.
The Stone (ser) — Magla

TAPE: Terror Blast Prod.

Black Metal with death metal influences, very well composed and performed. Kozeljnik and May Result members.
The True Endless (ita) — 1888 from Hell

TAPE: War Flagellation Prod.

A Jack the Ripper-themed concept album from this Italian Black Metal band.
The True Endless (ita) — A Climb to Eternity

TAPE: War Flagellation Prod.

Raw Black Metal. Recorded and mixed at Macht Durch Freude in 2003 a.b.
* Therm.Eye.Flame (rus) — Spherical

TAPE: Music Mind Rec.

As for stylistic definition T.E.F. prefers to use its own-MODERNIZED BLACK METAL. M.B.M.-is a change of classical themes, conceptions and sound of B.M. It's a musical platform consisting of dominating part of pure B.M. with micro & macro sprincles in the bulk of Industrial, Ambient, Noise and their products. Our music is soaked with the spirit of futurism. Urbanism, the cosmos, pain,paranoia… that is the meaning of M.B.M. by eyes of T.E.F.
Thou Shalt Fall (blr) — Flaming God

TAPE: Be Blessed the Cursed

Tape-version of THOU SHALT FALL first full-length sacrifice. Five flaming wounds of rough obscure Black metal. Doubtless step forward from times of previous records. GXfff from Baal Zebuth on drums.
Thou Shalt Fall (blr) — Perverted Visions of Satan/FFF

TAPE: Be Blessed the Cursed

Two dirty spews, with luxurious grubbiness embodied in one fetish tape release. Devil's stigmas, raw possession, spiteful booklet with lyrics, morbid piety, agonism & selfdevastation, slovenly tape stickers, hectic obscurity and half-hour of Blackfukkinmetal!
Thy Funeral (hun) — The End Of Life

TAPE: Sigillvm Tenebrae Rec.

First full-lenght album of this now-dead Hungarian band on tape!! This is the first and maybe the last release of this darknened, obscure and misanthropic Black Metal masterpiece!!
Todessucht (ger) — Kalt & Leer

TAPE: Selbstmord Kommando Prod.

Re-release of their first sold out demo,here with a bonus track! Pro tape limited to 50 handnumbered copies.
Todestrieb (ita) — Ordo Draconis

TAPE: Infernal Kommando

Todestrieb is the solo-project of Arcanum (also playing in Winds of Funeral and Tetra Mysteria). This project was born at the end of 2005 and, after some months, has born the first release, 'Ordo Draconis'. mid-tempo/slow Black Metal.
Tomhet (can) — Desolate Palace

TAPE: Sabbath's Fire

compilation of different tracks
Tribute to Abyssic Hate — Suicide for your Solution

TAPE: Wolfram Prod.

Four BM bands from four countries perform Shane Rout's well known songs. each band with it's own unique style and possession, so do not wait for faceless copies.
Triskele (can) — Triade Nordique

TAPE: Sword Prod.

New project of Skogen (Nord), and in a similar vein, although faster more violent. Limited to 333 handnumbered copies.
Tumulus Anmatus (ita) — Demo MMVII

TAPE: War Prod.

tape version of self-released demo.
* Tundra (ita) — Ansia

TAPE: Ravenheart

Debut album from Tundra. Raw and Primordial BM!!! Barbarud from Maniac Butcher on vocals! Tape includes 2 live bonus songs!
Tundra (ita) — Primordial

TAPE: War Prod.

re-recorded version of the album with the new vocalist.