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New items added: 10.04.2016

1 Euro / 2 Euro coins are acceptable. US dollars also acceptable. Ask for prices in U$.
prices (postage include):
                                        • 1 Tape = 5 Euro; 5 Tapes = 20 Euro;
                                        • 1 CD = 10 Euro; 4 CDs = 35 Euro; 8 CDs = 60 Euro;
                                        • 1 zine = 5 Euro;
                                        * — only one copy in stock;

minimal order — 20 Euro / 30 $; postage already include.

* Maleficum Orgia (fra) — self-titled

CD: Insidious Poisoning Rec.

Insidious Poisoning sure know how to pick their Black Metal raw and savage. As the name implies, Maleficum Orgia is a satanic fest with sexual overtones - be it the lyrics or the occasional woman moaning. Not too surprisingly, there are a few hints of Carpathian Forest popping up here and there.
* Manetheren (usa) — Solitary Remnants

CD: Funeral Moonlight Prod.

Bleak Depressive Black Metal from Usa, A Masterpiece of Occult, Geist, Spiritual Element! Rerecorded Version with New Amazing Vocals!
* Medo (prt) — Materia Negra

CD: War Prod.

Inspired by the masters of Old school Black Metal and the arts of witchery & madness, this masterpiece is full of terrifying & experimental dark moments that will rip your soul into pieces. Beware the dark, be afraid...
Mek Na Ver (ita) — Heresy

CD: Misanthropic Art Prod.

Italian Black Metal. First Full-length of Mek Na Ver. Super Project of Forgotten Tomb, Vidharr, Sturmkaiser Members. Cold and Harsh! Limited 666 copies!
Merknet (rus) — Nigra Diaconia (slipcase CD: 11 Euro)

CD: From the Dark Past

7 hymns Chaos drowned in blood. Cosmic emptiness, infinite darkness, the abyss of the universe. Dark psalms destruction of the earth.
Merknet (rus) — Rotten Omega Ceremony (digi-2xCD: 18 Euro)

CD: From the Dark Past

The first CD is called 'Rotten Omega Ceremony' contains 9 tracks of Darkness. The second CD is called 'Reh DCLXVI' and contains 6 tracks from the previous demo bands
Meti Bhuvah (rus) — II (11 Euro)

CD: Assavlt Rex.

13 tracks of the blackest foul malice as cold razors tickle the veins of common basis of human degeneration. Observations, visions and violent vomit. Difficult to imagine what the follow-up could be as the style is rather manifold and it seemed really a difficult task to create at least 30 minutes of such material. As time showed they coped with the task perfectly!
Mind Asylum (fra) — L'Asile de l'Esprit

CD: Darker than Black

Evocative Black Metal from France. Melancholic, deep, depressing, dark and amazing 6 track debut CD.
Misanthropic Art (rus) — Antihumanity

CD: Wolfram Prod.

available for trade:

The first full-lenght album recoded back in 1999-2000 a.b. Unique as always, with a little bit rawer sound on this release. If you were into 'Possessed by Bestiality' and 'Homicides' you will like this too.
Misanthropic Art (rus) — Black Spring (digi-CD: 12 Euro)

CD: Nomos Dei Prod.

Pentagram-explosive flowers of pain and despair. Swelling painful abscesses of deathly existence. Black Spring as the symbol of eternal decay and fall. Manifestation of all alien and adverse to human nature. Monstrous transformation of life in the light of the Black Sun, under streams of acid rain.
Misanthropic Art (rus) — Burden of Timeless (15 Euro)

CD: Oskorei

2nd album from MA in 'Dark Metal' style. Album recorded in autumn 2000 - winter 2002. The Breathe of Endless Depression and Suicide Emotions. Life is only burden of timeless.
* Misanthropic Art (rus) — Lifeless Nothing (20 Euro)

CD: Oskorei

The way into Oblivion through winter, pain, coldness, hatred and finally death. Four long tracks with total alienation atmosphere.
Misanthropic Art (rus) — Necrohumanity...

CD: Nomos Dei Prod.

Look around. All these people who surround you. Do you think, they are alive? The world already changes... Simply look around. Not all know that they are already dead. Not all know that the world already changes... Sound picture of the threshold of Apocalypse from the leading russian Industrial Black Metal project.
Misanthropic Art (rus) — The Streams of Terror (2xCD: 14 Euro)

CD: S.N.D. Prod.

New album 'The Streams Of Terror' is a 2 CDs edition, which consists of two conceptual parts - 'Chains' (CD1) and 'Threads'(CD2). The album was released in two versions - regular (2 CDs jewelbox with 12-page booklet) and collection (3-panel digipack with 12-page booklet).
Misanthropic Art (rus) — The Streams of Terror (digi-2xCD: 18 Euro)

CD: S.N.D. Prod.

New album 'The Streams Of Terror' is a 2 CDs edition, which consists of two conceptual parts - 'Chains' (CD1) and 'Threads'(CD2). The album was released in two versions - regular (2 CDs jewelbox with 12-page booklet) and collection (3-panel digipack with 12-page booklet).
Moontower (pol) — Voices of the Unholy Land (digi-CD: 11 Euro)

CD: Pluton's Rising Prod.

True underground black metal veterans return! New excellent album of 2012. Guest appearance of Xaos Oblivion and Graf Gog von Magog. Beautiful digipack with a 8-page booklet. Great edition!
Moredhel (ger) — Satanik Endsieg

CD: Misanthropic Art Prod.

First studio full length of blasphemous German Black Metal.
Morok (rus) — sel-titled (digi-CD: 12 Euro)

CD: Cold Breath of Silence

Necro Folk Black Metal from ULVDALIR founder! Raw and sharp sound stronglyassociated with heritage of ISENGARD and BLAZEBIRTH HALL. Limited to 444 handnumbered copies matted digipack.
Mother Of Worms (ger) — The Dirty Arts

CD: Assavlt Rex.

nocturnal hymns of urban madness in the vein of Morbid Metal with a flavour of dark ambient saturated with perversions and ancient darkness. Sex! Blut! Finsternis! The dark atmosphere behind the curtains of which are committed cruel deeds and many old sages about maniacs and murderers guided by the ancient gods come to life. Harsh, heavy and biting slashes of Black Metal blow up ritual ambience. The artwork of the album is beyond any…
Must Missa (est) — Martyr of Wrath

CD: Nailboard Rec.

Black Thrashing violence from estonia. sluts, alchohol, blasphemy and Devil worship. loud and hard!
Must Missa (est) — The Target of Hate

CD: Nailboard Rec.

Black Thrashing violence from estonia. sluts, alchohol, blasphemy and Devil worship. loud and hard!
Malcuidant (fra) — L'Hymne de la Ghilde

TAPE: War Prod.

you won’t find anything new, but in the same time, you will not find anything weak!
Malvoisie (swi) — Necro Molestor

TAPE: Infernal Kommando

This raw and occult perverse rectal is dedicated to the nuclear destruction of humanity. we shit on the unholy religious pedomaniaks, capitalist bastards and all kind of fanatics. Insane Fucking Black Terror!!!
* Mandibula (prt) — Sacrificial Metal of Death (pro-TAPE)

TAPE: Caverna Abismal/Universal Tongue

Bowing at the altar of Hellhammer and Amebix, this now gets the analogue treatment on pro-dubbed and printed cassettes, with a new lengthy introduction, not available on the digital version.
* Maras (mkd) — Raskol (pro-TAPE)

TAPE: Sabbath's Fire

a declaration for split between the blindness of christianity and the powerful paganism
Martyrum Omnium (spa) — human Darkness

TAPE: Eisiger Mond Prod.

cold, dark atmospheric black metal with parts of dark ambient. In the vein of Burzum, Gorgoroth and old Darkthrone. With both grim, melodic riffs and harsh vocals this solo project by Nocturn has everything!
May Result (ser) — Blasphemy

TAPE: Stuza Prod.

Black Metal with dose of keyboards' sound. not bad after all.
Menneskevarg (ger) — Styrke Gjennom Ensomhet

TAPE: self-released

Ritualistic and monotenous Black Metal without any vocals. Recommended to fans of Vinterriket. Diy-tape with xeroxed black & white cover.
Meslamtaea (hol) — New Era

TAPE: Heidens Hart

Tapeversion of the debutalbum of this longexisting Dutch project. Black metal mixed with epic, folk and progressive elements. Very unusual, unexpected, extremely skilled and technical compositions without losing a unique atmosphere to the songs. Includes the 1998-2002 recording 'Illusion' as bonus on side B.
Miasma (can) — Spirit Death

TAPE: Croquemort Prod.

Miasma's brutal hate filled Black Metal pounds its poisoned and venomous beats into your head like a psycho smashing a hammer into your skull!
Misanthropic Art (rus) — Dream of the Dead

TAPE: Wolfram Prod.

Created back in 2000 a.b. and now finally released after 10 years. Atmosphere of sickest depression and Doom-ish sound will grow into a tumor inside your brain.
Misanthropic Art (rus) — Homicides

TAPE: Wolfram Prod.

Unique hyper-fast-acid-sounding Black Metal, which adumbrate the end of the Earth and humanity. Nuclear Winter. Depression. Death. Chaos. WAR. Mental Suffering.
Misanthropic Art (rus) — Pest of the Past

TAPE: Omega Prod.

compilation tape of unreleased tracks + 2 coversongs: Deatroyer666 and Abigor.
Misanthropic Art (rus) — Possessed by Bestiality

TAPE: Oupiric

In our oppinion, this is simply THE BEST WORK of the project up to date. Chaotic Speed Misanthropic Metal. Malestone. Darkthrone's cover inside.
Moloch Letalis (pol) — Arkana Chaosu

TAPE: Moon Rec.

Two demos 'Suicide Spectrum' and 'Cold Existence' on one tape.
Mooncult (grc) — Descend Upon Us

TAPE: Winter Solace

semi-atmospheric mid and some faster paced led by guitar and augmented by bass, well programmed drums, and mid range vocals.
Moonreich (fra) — Zoon Politikon

TAPE: Infernal Kommando

6 Tracks from this Great French Black Band. note: special gold paper.
Moontower (pol) — Antichrist Supremacy Domain

TAPE: Hammer of Damnation

follows a clear path of those of the older blood of Black Metal! Pure worship of olden times, and breathing new air, with a renewed hate! This is the finest moments of Polish Black Metal in the most recent years.
Moontower (pol) — Praise the Apocalypse

TAPE: Hammer of Damnation

The first Album from the Polish Warriors is out. Await True Antichristian Black metal,following the Polish sound. A Masterpeice!
Moontower (pol) — To The Dark Aeon

TAPE: Werewolf Promotion

tape version of the mcd. no need to introduce this band.
Moontower (pol) — Unholy Rehearsals 1996-2006

TAPE: Hell is Here Prod.

collection of rehearsals from different time periods
Moord (bel) — Negativum I

TAPE: Wolfsvuur Rec.

available for trade: x2

Primitive black metal from belgium. It captures the terrorlike state of the world, in which hurricanes civil wars and other human misbehavior reign, and how nature finds it way to strike back!! 'It is to be the sound to match everything you don't like, and to get you into a depression.
* Morbid Yell (spa) — The First Desecration

TAPE: Oniric Rec.

Morbidlands (fra) — Hail the Dying Star

TAPE: Dernier Bastion

4 tracks for a traditional black metal in the veins of Satanic Warmaster, old Griffar, Kristallnacht... By Legolas Landvoettir from Searing Skull.
Mordheim (fra) — Depressive Tears ov Dementia

TAPE: Dernier Bastion

Alienated black metal. Nearly one hour of Schizoid Dementia. Enter on a mind controled by darkness, suffer and pain. Your soul will never be the same...5 new tracks and one rerecorded taken from 'Opus Mortuarium'.
Mortal Wish (bra) — Dez Cranios humanos Em Vossa Oferenda

TAPE: Akne Prod.

Seven Black Metal hymns in south american way singning in English and Portuguese language.Pro colour covers.
Morte Lune (prt) — Into the Depths of the Mind

TAPE: Cocainacopia

Morte Lune is the death of all that is human, the transcendence from this plain life towards a greater existence, found after death...
Mortinatum (spa) — Demo 2003

TAPE: War Prod.

the first demo of the band. high calibre Raw BM iside. aslo this tape release includes exclusive bonus-track.
Muinainen Ruhtinas (fin) — Tuskanvuorten Valtaistuin

TAPE: Tour de Garde

Raw and primitive Black Metal from Finland.
Murmurio (prt) — Over the Stream of Negation

TAPE: Bubonic Prod.

Somber and occult negative Black Metal from Portugals capital city... Ltd. to 133 handnumbered copies!!