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New items added: 10.04.2016

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                                        • 1 Tape = 5 Euro; 5 Tapes = 20 Euro;
                                        • 1 CD = 10 Euro; 4 CDs = 35 Euro; 8 CDs = 60 Euro;
                                        • 1 zine = 5 Euro;
                                        * — only one copy in stock;

minimal order — 20 Euro / 30 $; postage already include.

Lament Configuration (usa) — Demonic Incantations

CD: Vile Art Rec.

Lament Configuration might be reminiscent of the obscure black metal of Moonblood from Germany on one hand, but on the other also the nice and manic death metal from pre-Entombed band Nihilist.

*** free with orders above 30 Euro ***
Lashblood (rus) — Philosophy of Self-Flagellation: Being and Nothing

CD: Daemon Worship Prod.

influenced by the likes of Sartre and Burgess, dives into the grey, nauseous apathy of the urban socium. Offering a bit of an avantgarde approach to the genre, the band freely utilizes saxophone and clean, sorrowful vocals
Lashblood (rus) — Plasticine People (digi-mCD: 12 Euro)

CD: S.N.D. Prod. / Sigillvm Tenebrae Rec.

Three new songs, diving into the depths of consciousness, plus two old songs, reminiscent of the past. Limited edition (300 copies).
* Les Chants de Nihil (fra) — La Liberte Guidant le Fer

CD: Dernier Bastion

The real first album (with a real drummer this time) introduced by the demo tape 'de la Gloire'. LCDN comes back with 4 new tracks and 3 rerecorded taken from the last demo for 50' of ethylo-lyric' black metal.
Life Illusion (swe) — Into the Darkness of My Soul

CD: Black Saw Recs

Downbeat and depressive form of black metal, largely generated through droning, repetitive riffs undergoing few changes and minimalist Burzum-esque drumming. Great attention is paid to atmosphere, with blackened aggression a distant second.
* Liholesie (rus) — Boundless Thirst for the Outside

CD: Assavlt Rex.

More Angst, more drums, more thrilling tunes! Go ahead! Beyond horizons! The fourth album of the project LIHOLESIE. More Industrial-Neofolk with barbaric drum patterns but keeping to the previous melodic/lyrical lines this time. Enigmatic, dark, mysterious. Amid debris of a bygone civilization.
* Liholesie (rus) — Извечное коловращение

CD: Stygian Crypt Prod.

'Primeval Rotation' is dedicated to a concept of Year, The Wheel of Time, mystery of death and birth, rise and fall. 12 compositions, 12 months, 12 brothers... The music is very atmospheric and melodic dark ambient with noticeable influence from Slavic folklore.
* Liholesie (rus) — Родные просторы

CD: Stygian Crypt Prod.

Diving into Russian act Liholesie's musical creations is like disappearing into a fog of time-like fading away into the twilight of far horizons. 'Vast Homeland' stylistically contains various influences - from instrumental movie-soundtracks, to fragments of folkish darkwave and soft ambient soundscapes with a clear orientation towards folk, but always created with the help of synthetic instruments.
Likblek (swe) — self-titled

CD: Daemon Worship Prod.

Expect well-recorded yet raw and violent Black Metal with thrashy riffs now and then! Recorded and mastered at Studio Decay (KILL, among others), these 8 hymns to violence and darkness are done in the traditional old-school Scandinavian fashion, bringing to mind KILL, CRAFT and DARKTHRONE, yet not copying them in any way.
Lindisfarne (rus) — Dysangelium (digibook-CD: 15 Euro)

CD: Cold Breath of Silence

New killing material from russians blasphemers LINDISFARNE! DIGIBOOK MCD, limited to 333 copies.
Lucifugum (ukr) — Od Omut Serpenti (digi-CD: 12 Euro)

CD: Propaganda

40 min. of a spiritual aesthetic asphyxia in Authentic Satanic Black Metal form. Not everyone will reach the bottom... But those who deserve will be tortured by six songs-hydras.Be prepared for Regeneration!
* Lucifugum (ukr) — Sublimessiah (3 panel digi sleeve CD with slip-cover: 13 Euro)

CD: Propaganda

The first time on LUCIFUGUM's cursed Path Khlyst has performed vocals (due to critical problems with her throat Stabaath was unable to complete the cycle of verbal revelations).
Lucifugum (ukr) — Vector33

CD: Propaganda

7 years later LUCIFUGUM 'Vector33' cd is available again as re-mastered version with new design. Over 40 min. of Furious Satanic Black Metal Obscurantism for those who are able to breathe Darkness.
* Lutomysl (ukr) — Catharsis

CD: Mercenary Musik

Created with high respect to Black Metal as an Art of painful and self-destructive rebellion. A Bleeding Masterpiece of Misanthropic Jet Black Metal Art.
L'Ordre du Temple (ita) — In Hoc Signo Vinces

TAPE: War Flagellation Prod.

epic medieval project created by Davide (Eneth, Dolcinian, Fourth Monarchy). The music of L.D.T. is a mixture of different styles, but the most evident influences are Summoning, with a medieval -ambient touch.
La Foret Des Brumes (fra) — La Colline des Pendus

TAPE: Dernier Bastion

Breizh Underground Black Metal. 5 tracks of great black metal with excellent thrash lead guitar. Influenced by the old Fintroll.
* Legiones Obscurae (ger) — Supreme Hate Empire

TAPE: Supremacy Through Intolerance

LO plays Black Cyber Bapho-Noize. Fucking synthetic sounding insanity!!
Leichengott (pol) — Psalmy Przeklenstwa

TAPE: Hail Satan 666 Prod.

Six tracks of pure, intolerant and Satanic Black Metal supporting all kinds of religious Satanism and possibilities of life's destruction + cover of VON. Limited to 333 pieces. Support UG Terrorism!
Leichenstatte (ger) — Qualend aus der Tiefe

TAPE: Heavy Penetration Prod.

DSBM with rehearsal sound quality. slow, but atmospheric. excellent! 266 copies.
Lepra (hun) — Wounds of Past Centuries

TAPE: Sigillvm Tenebrae Rec.

this audial essence of the evil past centuries was manifestated between september - december mmix. from bottomless depths to nowhere, through the awakening of the soul...
Les Chants de Nihil (fra) — De la Gloire

TAPE: Dernier Bastion

The anticonformist and philosophic band is back to deliver us the premices of the next album. They follow their own path to attend their aim.
Les Chants de Nihil (fra) — Les Six Lecons

TAPE: Dernier Bastion

new conception of black metal, with an idea of reformation
Lord Darkness (bra) — Lilith a Rainha Das Noites Escuras

TAPE: Suicide Apology Rec.

raw stuff from brasilian jungles.
Lord Foul (bra) — With my Furor

TAPE: Morbid Count Prod.

Primitive Black Metal. Rehearsal sound quality for fanatics only! ltd. to 200 copies.
Lord Wind (pol) — Atlantean Monument (6 Euro)

TAPE: Werewolf Promotion

if we know where we came from, we shall know where we are go... recorded in spring 2006.
Lord Wind (pol) — Heralds of Fight (6 Euro)

TAPE: Night Birds

The recipe is relatively simple: drums, choirs, synth/strings, and a good production (unlike the poor previous album 'Forgotten Songs') combined to create a 1 hour long martial/medieval ambient album. Strength, Valor and War are the themes here and the music incarnates them in a very convincing manner.
Lord Wind (pol) — Rites of Valkyries (6 Euro)

TAPE: Werewolf Promotion

recorded in march/october 2001 in eastclan forge. including bonus track.
Lotus Circle (grc) — Bottomless Vales and Boundless Floods

TAPE: Dunkelheit Prod.

Obscure atmosphere with inhuman vocals dive deep into your memorys. A drowning doom/noise result with ambientbreakouts that drag you into a horrible trip.
Lubrik Hate (fra) — Negative Destiny

TAPE: Infernal Kommando

Re-release of the 'Negative Destiny' LUBRIK HATE demo CDR. 7 Tracks of this great french funeral, cold and misanthropic black band.
Lucifugum (ukr) — Acme Adeptum

TAPE: Propaganda

One of the very few bands who follow the exclusively own Path. In the vein of Evil only. No human influences. Just domination of a psychical negativity and pathologically solitary essence. 7 tracks-nooses on the neck of the light of life. The real face of the Supreme Evil Art.
Lucifugum (ukr) — Involtation

TAPE: Propaganda

This is 12th Poison from the band which cultivates the Supremacy of Black Force only, and whose arrogant position and spiritual terror activity is very offensive for the so-called Black Metal scene full of wormy human instincts.
Lucifugum (ukr) — Sectane Satani

TAPE: Propaganda

13th Cup of Poison from Dictators of Black Order. Created on the basis of fundamenntal egoism, pathologic arrogance and frenetic aggression in every venomous exhalation.
Lucifugum (ukr) — Vector33 (6 Euro)

TAPE: Propaganda

Elitist Antihuman Black Metal, Only for dedicated who understand the real essence of Black Metal as Diabolical Art
Lugburz (pol) — Triumph of Antichrist

TAPE: Moon Rec.

Lugburz's music is a bit precious and immature, but it has enough quality to it to make it a worthwhile listen for most black metal fans. If you can stomach the melodeath riffs, you might as well give this a try
Lugubris (swi) — self-titled

TAPE: Inquisitoris Ex Mundus Novus

Fuck!!! This demo is the reflection of BM beginning. Raw, ugly, agressive with dirty vocals and brilliant melodies!
Lupus Nocturnus (mex) — Suicidal Thoughts Pt. I

TAPE: Thor's Hammer Prod.

52 Minutes of pure Melancholic depressive sick and Archaic Black Metal for fans of the Old Nargaroth and Old Burzum.
Lutomysl (ukr) — Catharsis (6 Euro)

TAPE: Propaganda

Jet Black Metal Art
Lutomysl (ukr) — De Profundis

TAPE: Stuza Prod.

With this sixth album LUTOMYSL have achieved the sublime refinement of their Jet Black Metal art. weeping, sorrowful melodies are delivered with an extremely harsh and abrasive guitar sound and effective dynamics, creating a tense and absorbing atmosphere across each of the lengthy, yet well-constructed, tracks. Do not miss this gem!
Lutomysl (ukr) — Winter of humanity (6 Euro)

TAPE: Propaganda

Apocalyptic Black Metal, lim. to 611
Lyrinx (uk) — Nihilistic Purity

TAPE: Todestrieb Rec.

sombre, melancholic blend of Black Metal and Doom. Mournfully melodic lead guitar; a strong bass; powerful drums and tortured, distressing vocals!