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New items added: 10.04.2016

1 Euro / 2 Euro coins are acceptable. US dollars also acceptable. Ask for prices in U$.
prices (postage include):
                                        • 1 Tape = 5 Euro; 5 Tapes = 20 Euro;
                                        • 1 CD = 10 Euro; 4 CDs = 35 Euro; 8 CDs = 60 Euro;
                                        • 1 zine = 5 Euro;
                                        * — only one copy in stock;

minimal order — 20 Euro / 30 $; postage already include.

* Einfall (rus) — The Art to Enslave

CD: Black Devastation Rec.

The debut work of Einfall - black dark metal band from Russia. The music reminds late works of Satyricon and Ajattara. The lyrics tells about legacy possessed by power what appeared in the dim and distance Past and how This power always covers itself to look sacred in the eyes of people till nowadays.
Elderblood (ukr) — Son of the Morning

CD: Paragon Rec.

Symphonic Black Metal
Endless Agony (fra) — In an Agony of Fear

CD: Deadsun Rec.

Bestial Black Death metal - fast and agressive.
* Enoid (swi) — Ataraxiis

CD: BlackMetal.com

The NEW 'Ataraxiis' CD is the long-awaited third full-length album by ENOID from Switzerland. Featuring sickdrummer extraordinaire Bornyhake ENOID unleash a ferocious assault full of grim intensity, vitriol, and the utter misanthropy that made Nordic-influenced Black Metal of the early '90s so unique and truly brilliant.
Enoid (swi) — Dodssyklus

CD: None More Black Rec.

Enoid's music cripples all but the strongest of listeners with its inexorable brutality. There's no melody or neutrality to be found here; only a ferocious assault upon the human race.
Eternal Helcaraxe (irl) — To Whatever End

CD: self-released

five tracks EP from Ireland. high quality stuff.
Excessum (swe) — Death Redemption

CD: Deathstrike Rec.

The tracks on 'Death Redemption' are roughly broken into two halves: more melodic, mournful tracks and rawer, more dissonant ones bringing early Darkthrone to mind to some degree. All the elements of this album work in perfect unity to deliver a fantastic musical experience.
Eindig (hol) — Doodschrift

TAPE: Dunkelheit Prod./Self Mutilation Services

available for trade: x3

Like the cold water drops from the top of a solitary house, the drum beats the slow and melancholic rhythm. The guitars freezing like a cold wind that let the body temperature sink in seconds and have only the wish to end life. Desperate and suffering vocals aim the target for suicide and dive deep into the ears of the listener.
Einsamtod (svk) — Gray Days (TAPE in cardboard sleeve)

TAPE: Caverna Abismal Rec.

Einsamtod represents all what is related with depression, melancholy and feeling. The members are also involved in bands as Apathia, Tundra, Igric and Alatyr.
Emit (uk) — ...a vision of 1682

TAPE: Drakkar Prod.

Dark Ritual Music - New tape from this enigmatic English band. And new musical progress. More acoustic instruments, even sounding baroque on some parts, yet still occult, somber, almost mechanical sometimes too. A dive into into 17th century darkness for those who dare!
Enoid (swi) — Livssyklus

TAPE: Terror Cult Prod.

solo-project from Switzerland; raw and hateful brutal BM
Eole Noir (bel) — Ambivalence

TAPE: Thor's Hammer Prod.

Tragic Hypnotic with Unique Cold Atmosphere, Underground Black Metal from the Belgian Fields
Eremites (prt) — Mundo de Gelo

TAPE: Bubonic Prod.

forest, snow, silent, night, mountains, winter. Despite the terrible sound, this demo is just great.
Eterna Penumbra (spa) — Ceniza y Polvo

TAPE: Egg of Nihilism

Eterna Penumbra's first creation (in darkness): destroying life's light. Pure Black Metal inspired by Death, in the true old vein. Very harsh, cold and raw.
Eterna Penumbra (spa) — Nuestra Vacia Existencia

TAPE: Egg of Nihilism

debut album from E.P. -- their best work to the date! no fancy production, no 'evolution', no 'new experiences': just rawness, hatred, killer riffs -- creativity for you (self)destuction!!
Eternal Sin (rus) — christ's False Torments

TAPE: Oupiric

Black Metal from deep russian UG. songs composed back in 1999-2002. Martial support by Satan.
Ettenmoor (fin) — Winter of Supremacy

TAPE: Thor's Hammer Prod.

Excellent Finnish Underground Black Metal in the vein of Satanic Warmaster, MC limited to 150 copies h/n.
Evil (svk) — Devil's Obsession

TAPE: Suicide Taste Prod.

Primitive And Killing Black Metal In The Early Style. ltd. to 66 Copies
Evil (svk) — Rehearsal 3

TAPE: Suicide Taste Prod.

one slow track - A Nuclear Dream. ltd to 66 h/n copies.
Evil Dead (svk) — Fall of Seraphs

TAPE: Akne Prod.

demo 2005. Raw and hateful BM from Slovakia
Evilwinged (rus) — Avatars of Satan

TAPE: Osolon

Second mighty strike from far east. Hateful Black Metal in russian way.
Evilwinged (rus) — Crush the human Factor

TAPE: Osolon

Russian black metal band, a member of the Far East Division Black Wolves. The music is raw, evil and crushing black metal with many great and memorable riffs.
Exanimus (rus) — Taste of Tragedy

TAPE: self-released

tape version of the second full-lenght album. ltd to only 16 copies which were planned for inner circle.
Excessum (swe) — Death Redemption

TAPE: Tour de Garde

tape version of this great album. fast and melodic sounding - as swedish do.
Exetheris (grc) — Sick and Decadent Feelings

TAPE: War Flagellation Prod.

A demo tape created by one man Greek black metal act Exetheris. Six tracks features some nasty and dark musical outpourings so grimy and toxically, that they should probably be approached whilst wearing a radioactive suit and taking all proper safety precautions.