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New items added: 10.04.2016

1 Euro / 2 Euro coins are acceptable. US dollars also acceptable. Ask for prices in U$.
prices (postage include):
                                        • 1 Tape = 5 Euro; 5 Tapes = 20 Euro;
                                        • 1 CD = 10 Euro; 4 CDs = 35 Euro; 8 CDs = 60 Euro;
                                        • 1 zine = 5 Euro;
                                        * — only one copy in stock;

minimal order — 20 Euro / 30 $; postage already include.

* Dark Domination (lat) — Let Satan Speak...

CD: Witchcraft Prod.

The second album of Latvian blasphemers is ready to torment your soul! About 70 minutes of ritual Satanic initiation was recorded in the name of Him! Praise or die!
* Dark Managarm (fra) — Victorious March

CD: Infernal Kommando

Brutal and Incisive French Black Metal for Fans of DARK FUNERAL and MARDUK.
Darkenhold (fra) — A Passage to the Towers...

CD: Ancestrale Prod.

Ten stories which present the universe of Darkenhold with an epic, melodic and powerful Black Metal yet also old-school and spontaneous.
Darkest Grove (usa) — Pain and Suffering Shall Be Known

CD: Forever Plagued Rec.

This album is full of emotion and passion. Taking a mixture of influences musically from different styles of black metal from aggressive, to more depressive.
Darkestrah (ger) — The Great Silk Road (11 Euro)

CD: Paragon Rec.

Previous works have been described as a spiritual, almost pre-historic journey, using pagan themes in a very unique way, often paying homage to the bands Shaman roots. Great melodic parts were paired with traditional instruments like Kyl-kyjak, Komuz or Sygyt. Female black metal vocals and singing that created the atmosphere of the spiritual shamanic people.
Dead christ Cult (ukr) — Your Absurd Life

CD: The Kether Crown

Sadistic black/thrashers of the Ukraine deliver a crisp and battering collection of seven tracks.
* Death Ritual (swi) — Fractal Revenge

CD: self-released

Death Ritual stands for praising Satan's Fractal Death Curse! Hail to Master of Total Annihilation!
* Deathincarnation (ukr) — Roar from Within

CD: More Hate Prod.

Another rusty nail in rotten christian brain of the present-day world! The Ukrainian unholy death-black metal formation DEATHINCARNATION presents its second album. Sombre black metal melodics and complicated death metal structures are combined under the title of “Roar from Within” album and entwined with razor wire of venomous antichristian lyrics.
* Deathmoor (rus) — Mors Ultima Ratio (25 Euro)

CD: Oskorei

released in 2008 and become the new milestone in the history of Stavropol Nekrodivizion. cold and gloomy atmosphere, permanent sense of death and estrangement along with deep lyrics of Suicide.
Deathmoor (rus) — Mors... Sub Specie Aeterni

CD: Nomos Dei Prod.

Look at slow withering of illusive life. Sense underfoot rotten bog. Feel the death sprouting through your ribs by ugly crooked branches. Ghostly and engaging, viscous and frightening Black metal with acoustic interludes from the participants of Baal Zebuth, Misanthropic Art, Cyber Baphomet ect. Music of total devastation.
Deathmoor (rus) — Opus Morte III

CD: Daemon Worship Prod.

takes us into yet different regions of madness. Fully improvised in a studio under the constant influence of alcohol and drugs, its tempo variates between the full-speed assault and slow melancholy of the fall.
Deathmoor (rus) — Salvo Honoris Morte (20 Euro)

CD: horned tomb

Fatal quantity of nonexistence made of cold and hypnotic Black Metal slush.
* Deathrow (ita) — Gateways to Oblivion

CD: Slava Satan Rec.

Demorian (swe) — Back to the Glorious Past

CD: Azermedoth Rec.

debut full-lenght... very interesting and original melodic Black Metal with pagan and symphonic elements and with really hateful voice... ltd.1000
* Deofel (blr) — Aposni Rytual

CD: Aeon of Horus Prod.

New album of one of the strongest underground forces from Belarus. Perfectly executed & recorded nihilistic Black Metal.
Devil's Island — self-titled (digi-CD: 11 Euro)

CD: Pluton's Rising Prod.

Atmosphere of OLD TIMES returns!!
Diamatregon (fra) — The Satanic Devotion

CD: Monokrom

Raw Black Metal with some sick parts and structures. Re-release of their first album recorded in 1999. CD version ltd. to 666.
Dimensional Psychosis (hol) — Architecture of Realitities

CD: Daemon Worship Prod.

DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS manifests in a form of shizophrenic Black Metal soundscapes. Chaotic and desperate, yet with a good share of chilling melodies, it certainly does not pose an easy listen. No raw primitivism, but violent and perfected complexity, a steel yet thin carcass of riffs, whose, at first, random strings form a finished and complete vision. Destruction is the essential element of creation. And chaos is the balance.
Do Skonu (ukr) — Cold Streams of Death

CD: Eastside

The recording contains 7 songs, which tell about the secret aspects of Black Magic, Primeval Rituals directed to comprehend the special knowledge that will help the adept to move beyond the limited space, and after death (physical and astral), break out of the wheel of life, to suspend the series of spiritual rebirth and to merge with an uncontrollable streams of Chaos.
* Do Skonu (ukr) — Великое пробуждение среди великого сна (digibook-CD: 15 Euro)

CD: Thou Shalt Kill! Rec.

no description.
Dom Vdovy (rus) — Wilczyca

CD: Salts and Ashes Prod.

really haunting ambient based on story of the same titled polish horror movie from 1983.
* Dominus Ira (rus) — Negotium Parambulans in Tenebris (digi-CD: 11 Euro)

CD: Eerie Torture

* Drohtnung (aus) — Drohtnung (12 Euro)

CD: Misanthropic Art Prod.

Raw and Harsh Depressive Black Noise Terror!! Drohtnung was created in 2004 by Old (Pestilential Shadows, ex-Wardaemonic, also guest in Drowning the Light, Woods of Desolation, Larmes d'Hivers). this album artwork was designed by Maestro of Dark Art 'Maxime Taccardi'. also guest vocal by Azgorh of Drowning the Light for one track on the album.
Dunkelheit (hun) — Frozen in Eternity

CD: Werewolf Promotion

First album of Dunkelheit. Grim Misanthropic Black Metal in the veins of Burzum and Dusk.
Dadarioth (fra) — Crasse et Putrefaction

TAPE: War Flagellation Prod.

compilation tape with tracks from previous demo-records.
Daemonlord (spa) — Of War and Hate (pro-TAPE)

TAPE: Slava Prod.

More Beast, More Blackened and More of Hells Metal Demons!! Hateful Spanish evil Blackness strikes back with their second full-lenght effort featuring 9 Black metal commandments of rapid Deathstruction!! plus a cover of Thou Art Lord's cult 'The Era Of Satan Rising'!!
Dahak (pol) — Arkana Wezowej Madrosci

TAPE: Hail Satan 666 Prod.

simply a MUST release for everyone who knows what UGBM is about!!
Daimonion (prt) — Unknown Powers Obscure

TAPE: Sword Prod.

Black Metal in old Enslaved vien.
Dark Ages (ukr) — A Chronicle of the Plague

TAPE: Werewolf Promotion

created and recorded in july and september '06. includes bonus track - 1347. absolute MUST release!
Dark Ages (ukr) — Twilight of Europe

TAPE: Werewolf Promotion

side project of Hate Forest member. created and recorded in summer '04.
Dark Domination (lat) — Blasphemy (6 Euro)

TAPE: Beverina Prod.

part 1: 'In Satan We Trust'
part 2: 'Ancient Pride'
* Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (ger) — Follow The Calls... (6 Euro)

TAPE: Propaganda

While this isn't a particularly groundbreaking album, it's not meant to be - this is a paean to the early days of Black Metal, and fully succeeds in conjuring the hateful atmosphere of raw Black Metal. Recommended.
* Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (ger) — Hora Nocturna (6 Euro)

TAPE: Propaganda

4th Chapter and again nothing new but Harsh and Raw Black Metal in typical for this horde way.
Dead christ Cult (ukr) — ...where it begins to remain

TAPE: Osolon

Eight tracks of Ukrainian Black Metal War! Debut album from 2003.
Dead christ Cult (ukr) — христосмерть

TAPE: Osolon

Second studio album from 2005. Thrash influenced.
Deathgod Messiah (usa) — Bastard christ

TAPE: Selbstmord Kommando Prod.

black-death metal from the states.support the deathgod messiah to kill all fucking god believers. 100 handnumbered copies.
Deathmoon (rus) — Daemoonhermeticum

TAPE: Misanthropic Propaganda

the first and the last (so it seems) release form members of Ithdabquth Qliphoth and Beyond Ye Grave. 3 tracks in 18 minutes total.
Deathmoor (rus) — Mors Ultima Ratio

TAPE: Wolfram Prod.

The first full-lenght which was recorded after several years of silence. Cold and gloomy atmosphere, permanent sense of death and estrangement along with deep lyrics of Suicide.
Deathmoor (rus) — Salvo Honoris Morte

TAPE: Wolfram Prod.

Black Metal from the deepest pits of nonexistence. Despite the fact, that this band comes from south of russia, here you will plunge into the atmosphere of coldness and slow freezing of your flesh.
Deathmoor (rus) — self-titled

TAPE: S.N.D. Prod.

demo was recorded at S.H. studio in november 2000 a.b.
Deathrow (ita) — The Beginning of the End

TAPE: Heavy Penetration Prod.

demo-record from 2008. 1/2 hour of well-done Raw BM in UG way.
Deathrow (ita) — The Cold Engine Of Darkness

TAPE: Heavy Penetration Prod.

Brutal Black Metal from well-known project. Originally composed between 2005 and 2006 and recorded in spring 2006 as self-produced demo, limited to 100 units. Re-recorded in winter anno 2009. 200 copies only.
Defunctus Astrum (blr) — Черная Звезда

TAPE: Morak Prod.

New project of Temnarod (Zaklon, Pogost). High quality stuff with untypical vocals.
Demiurg (pol) — From the Throne of Darkness

TAPE: Werewolf Promotion

available for trade: x5

Raw polish Black Metal with Moontower member on vocals.
Demiurg (pol) — Krolestwo Mrocznego Lasu

TAPE: Werewolf Promotion

Second full-length of straight ahead Black Metal from Poland.
Demiurg (pol) — Unholy War

TAPE: Werewolf Promotion

available for trade: x6

two tracks EP.
Denial of god (dnk) — Klabautermanden

TAPE: Misanthropic Propaganda

Black Metal-inferno, hyperspeed with shrieky vocals, raw production and a few slight Death Metal-growls.
Desaster (ger) — Angelwhore

TAPE: Night Birds

Infectious, interesting, dark and true, this is Desaster at their best. KVLT!!
Desolation Triumphalis (fra) — Forever Bound to Nothingness

TAPE: Misanthropic Propaganda

Grim Melancholic Uncompromising Black Metal
Devathorn (grc) — Diadema

TAPE: Goat Music Rec.

9 hymns of pure Greek Black Metal made with dark intensity, uncompromising songs of misanthropic idealism and anti christian superiority
Devilish Era (fra) — The Deiphobic Syndrome

TAPE: Winterreich Rec.

Melancholic and desperate black metal - somewhere between Burzum and Abyssic Hate, with scorched voices in the vein of Silencer...
Diabolical Principles (grc) — Beyond the Horizon/Charming Whisperings...

TAPE: War Prod.

Full-lenght 2009 + demo 2000 as bonus.
...10 years have elapsed since Diabolical Principles yielded to the charming whisperings from the strange past and spent time investigating a new dawn. Now it's high time they went beyond the horizon...
Djur (rus) — In Torrents of Chaos Blood

TAPE: Sigillvm Tenebrae Rec.

Elite Russian Black Metal played in a great superior style. One of the best albums of 2010, a perfect manifestation of elitism and superior black art!!
Do Skonu (ukr) — Womb of Primeval Darkness

TAPE: Omega Prod.

Do Skonu is a path in search for the wisdom of the occult, a ritualistic journey in depth of Slavonic mysteries and witchcraft. In your ears are hearing music, maybe familiar maybe not but this is something so much deeper to the artist. Through the power of chaos magic feelings and energy is invoked into the creation of the music.
Dom Dracul (swe) — Genocide In The Name... (6 Euro)

TAPE: Satanic Propaganda Rec.

Pure Fucking Evil, Fuck Off. KVLT!
* Domini Inferi (hol) — In Nomine Domini Inferi (6 Euro)

TAPE: Satanic Propaganda Rec.

solo project of Hellchrist Xul (Funeral Winds, Haatstrijd). tape version of the first demo released in 2002. also includes bonus-track.
* Drakonhail (fra) — Passages Nocturnes

TAPE: Dernier Bastion

4 tracks for 45 minutes of pure Nihil Nocturne Black Art recorded during 2004/2005
Drengskapur (ger) — Von Nebel Umschlungen

TAPE: Nigra Mors

The album is a hymn to the trees, a journey to the stars and tells you of the power and the will in man in unity with his roots.
Droomstyyg (usa) — Vast Unknown Darkness

TAPE: Heavy Penetration Prod.

Raw Black Metal with harsh vocals. Limited to 300 handnumbered copies. more than hour of pain, darkness and hatred.
* Drowning the Light (aus) — Through the Noose... (6 Euro)

TAPE: Hammer of Damnation

Azgorh's most depressive and melancholic release ever. A painful raw trip into the human demise, absolutely without return. Containing the 'Tormented Nights' demo as bonus.
* Drowning the Light (aus) — To the End of Time (6 Euro)

TAPE: Hammer of Damnation

blackness.rawness.dirt.hatred. as BM itself! sacrifice 50 minutes of your life.
Dsoltb (blr) — Pyramids Of Dust

TAPE: Be Blessed the Cursed

Cemetery dark droning ambient. Static blackness of bottomless graves. Grey faces of silent shadows. Death tranquillity. Meditation among the ashes.
Dub Buk (ukr) — Rus Ponad Vse!

TAPE: ???

this is definitely an amazing album, especially if you are into bands like Nokturnal Mortum or Astrofaes. The songs move very fast and are pretty unpredictable. It seems like Dub Buk are trying to find their own style and based on this album it seems they are doing a damn good job.
Dun Tur (prt) — Cinzas de Sangue

TAPE: Bubonic Prod.

Telluric, sharp Black Metal. Limited to 100, A4 xerox cover.
Dunkelheit (hun) — Eternal Curse of the Carpathians


two demos on one tape.
1-3: 'Eternal Curse Upon Life' demo 2007
4-7: 'Spell of the Dark Woods' demo 2006
* Dusk (hun) — Beginning...

TAPE: Wulfrune Worxx

A: 'Fight of the Soul' Demo'95
B: 'Recognizing Ourselves' Demo '98