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New items added: 10.04.2016

1 Euro / 2 Euro coins are acceptable. US dollars also acceptable. Ask for prices in U$.
prices (postage include):
                                        • 1 Tape = 5 Euro; 5 Tapes = 20 Euro;
                                        • 1 CD = 10 Euro; 4 CDs = 35 Euro; 8 CDs = 60 Euro;
                                        • 1 zine = 5 Euro;
                                        * — only one copy in stock;

minimal order — 20 Euro / 30 $; postage already include.

Baal Zebuth (rus) — Necromysticism... (A5 cover: 15 Euro)

CD: Nomos Dei Prod.

Last incantation. Final ritual. Descent into the depths of Hell. The dead legend of russian underground.
Baal Zebuth (rus) — Unholy Baal Zebuth

CD: Wolfram Prod.

available for trade:

'Black Gem' of UGBM. TRUE attitude only!
Balance Interruption (rus) — Era I: Nuclear War for Rescue

CD: More Hate Prod.

Russian reissue of the debut album by post-apocalyptic black metal band from Ukraine!!
Bane (ser) — Chaos, Darkness...

CD: Grom Rec./Zero Budget Prod./Godeater Rec./Werewolf Prod.

Debut album of this fresh blood on Serbian Black Metal scene. Killer blasting Black Death Metal in the vain of almighty Dissection. Recorded and produces in cult Hellsound studios by Butcher (Avenger, Maniac Butcher, Judas Iscariot, Krieg...)
Barshasketh (nz) — Sitra Achra (digi-CD: 12 Euro)

CD: Todestrieb Rec.

Sitra Achra is the other side. Sitra D’Kedushah’s mirror negative. The ecumenical embrace of impurity and unholiness. Barshasketh’s second album embraces and is immersed in negativity, nihilism, chaos and alienation from humanity.
Beleth (pol) — Nieuchronne Widmo Smierci

CD: Hail Satan 666 Prod.

Full of arrogance to humanity, christianity and other crappy morality. Glorious Black Metal dedicated to Satanism, unhappiness and total extinction.
Belliciste (nz) — Sceadugenga

CD: Todestrieb Rec.

Belligerent Black Metal, with elements of decomposed punk and corroded heavy metal.
* Benighted Leams (uk) — Obombrid Welkins

CD: Supernal Music

'Obombrid Welkins' has a deeper, heavier sound and longer tracks, mixing a more melodic approach with hypnotic, nostalgic atmospheres, chugging rhythmic sections, and panicked dissonances.
* Besatt (pol) — Black Mass

CD: Undercover Rec.

even faster than the previous album for much of the time, but there is some hobbled diversification demonstrated as well. The main difference is in the clarity, the riffs seem lighter and often evoke a black sky split by continuous lightening bolts, especially on the faster numbers.
* Besatt (pol) — Sacrifice for Satan

CD: Undercover Rec.

Black metal fury from Poland. Besatt are cold, evil, and grim, almost like they came from Norway! Any fans of true Polish black metal will definitely embrace what Besatt are playing.
Bestia (est) — Ronkade Parved (digi-CD: 11 Euro)

CD: Evil Distribution

raw and epic pagan black metal with some elements of folk, thrash and death metal. Good sound, various speeds and lyrics in Estonian. This is second edition with extra track, limited to #300 copies.
* Beyond Ye Grave (rus) — Raping the creation of god

CD: Cold Breath of Silence Prod.

Satanic Alcoholocaustian Black Metal Attack from Russland! In the best traditions of self-destruction, degradation and nihilistic scorn for humanity!
* Beyond Ye Grave (rus) — Total Fucking Decadence

CD: Hidden Marly Prod.

* Black Altar (pol) — Death Fanaticism

CD: Odium Rec.

9 possessed hymns devoted to Death. Pure Madness, Stench of Cadavers, Darkness and Blasphemy.
Black Cult (cro) — Neo-Satanism

CD: Black Plague Rec. / Metallic Media / Satanath Rec.

* Black Death Ritual (fin) — Profound Echoes of the End

CD: Hammer of Hate

Cold necro Black Metal from norther of Finland, known already from the splitLP with Azaghal, this cruel creation brings back the basics of Nordic Black Metal! Hate, worship and death!
* Black Jade (swi) — Helvetica Diabolica

CD: Black Tower Prod.

'Helvetica Diabolica' is the coldest Album from Black Jade since their rising, by far. This CD presents raw, evil Pagan Black-Metal, without keyboards and femal vocals, almost played in mid-tempo. Even some middleage-influenceses and some profound ambient passages have found their way on this CD.
* Blackdeath (rus) — Vortex (11 Euro)

CD: Omega Rec.

the fifth album... apocalyptic fast and raw True Black Metal influenced by Darkthrone and old Mayhem.
Blessmon (aut) — Under the Storm of Hate (digi-CD: 11 Euro)

CD: Black Tower Prod.

A infernal Black Metal manifest. lim.500!
Blood Red Fog (fin) — Demo I

CD: Monokrom

'demo I' (2005) re-release on CD. 300 copies only, hand/numbered.
* Blood Stained Dusk (usa) — Black Faith Inquisition (13 Euro)

CD: Moribund Rec.

America's best-kept black metal secret, BLOOD STAINED DUSK, emerges from the shadows with their third album and Moribund debut 'Black Faith Inquisition'! Featuring former GORGOROTH vocalist Pest!
* Bloodrain (rus) — De Vermis Mysteriis

CD: Morbid Winter Rec.

From the past comes this Russian Black Metal attack. This debut album of uncompromising Black Metal has been reborn on CD. Also includes cover of Mayhem's classic song 'Deathcrush'. Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies.
* Baal Zebuth (rus) — Unholy Baal Zebuth (6 Euro)

TAPE: Nihil Rex.

the 1st full-lenght of already split-up southern blasphemers. the 1st tape edition.
Bastardi (mex) — Kiss Satan's Ass and Spit the Fucking cross! (+ logo sticker)

TAPE: Draconblack Prod.

demo 2008. ltd to 50 h/n copies. Raw Mexican BM - different type of material quality, mostly lo-fi sounding short tracks.
Beithioch (irl) — Aisling Dhorcha

TAPE: Diveliz Rec.

Aisling Dhorcha remains within the ambient black metal framework set out on the first album Diolaim whilst expanding the range of dynamics and mood.
Beithioch (irl) — Diolaim

TAPE: Diveliz Rec.

D. is made up of pieces written between 2002 and 2005. Most of the familiar trappings of black metal are here (granular production, romantically-tinged melodies…) absent however are the more egoistic tendencies which black metal has identified itself with in latter years.
Besatt (pol) — Hellstorm

TAPE: Hammer of Damnation

Hellstorm is the most violent album of the band but still in the usual Besatt style… Pure Polish Black Metal Madness. MC Limited to 500 copies.
* Besatt (pol) — In Nomine Satanas

TAPE: Hail Satan 666 Prod.

Reedition of the first, cult BESATT’s stuff on MC. Raw, uncompromising and brutal Black Metal for glory of Satan! There are no adornments or acoustic sounds... only real, mad Black Metal War!!!!
Bestia (est) — Demo 2001 (pro-TAPE)

TAPE: RA Prod.

Estonian black/death metal, bands first demo. Pro printed tape, released in Indonesia in 2002. Limited to 500 copies
Bestia (est) — Kord Vabana Tuleme Tagasi

TAPE: Hexenreich Rec.

Includes selected tracks from Bestia's debut album + bunch of bonus tracks and two rehearsal tracks.
Bewitched (chi) — Dragonflight

TAPE: Thule Rec.

Classic Black/Dark/Doom Metal with influences from MERCYFUL FATE, executed by this white Chilean band. Originally released in 1997.
Bewitched (chi) — Selfconfidence

TAPE: Thule Rec.

Classic Black/Dark/Doom Metal with influences from MERCYFUL FATE, executed by this white Chilean band. Originally released in 2005.
Black Altar (pol) — Death Fanaticism

TAPE: Propaganda

Black Metal well written without massive flaws and goods riffs. Not the best band in the genre, but still very good.
Black Angel (per) — From the Darkness

TAPE: Oniric Rec.

old-school black metal with influences from the thrash as well as the doom scene.
* Black Autumn (ger) — cvltofnihil

TAPE: Insikt

i saw their graves, // from which they speak // in tongues of locusts // in their stonecold shells // and voices of fire and flames // in place of cold // delirious revelation // of a world without end // spirits of fire // driven by restless emptiness
Black Candle (lux) — The Faceless Angel

TAPE: Terror Cult Prod.

sound like an early 90ies BM outfit that is still somewhat clinging to the pre-black thrash heroes like Sodom or Destruction. Most of the songs are therefore rather fast, although there are also some more doomy parts.
Black Goat (spa) — Death Ritual (pro-TAPE)

TAPE: Nigra Mors/Final Embrace Rec.

'Death Ritual' was recorded, mixed and mastered at Demonic Studios in December '09/January '10.
Blackdeath (rus) — Fanatical (pro-TAPE: 6 Euro)

TAPE: Heidens Hart Rec.

The rehearsal tape 'Fanatical' – previously released only through the impossible to find limited red vinyl by Niessedrion Records back in 2007 and featuring with Blackdeath's first recording after returning to the full line-up – is now available through the label. The tape contains also a bonus track, a rehearsal version of 'Der nukleare Wojwode' recorded in 2009.
Blackdeath (rus) — Saturn Sector (pro-TAPE: 6 Euro)

TAPE: Heidens Hart Rec.

Alternate version of the album that was never released, now put on tape, unmastered rough mix of the album. Comes on pro tapes.
Blodulv (swe) — Diatribe

TAPE: Osolon

War by the will of rebel minds; Diatribe of ashen blood.
Blodulv (swe) — III/Burial

TAPE: Eternal Desolation Rec.

Tape version of the 3rd Full length of these maniacs, inflexible sound as usual. Harsh voice cutting deep your skin and demolish guitars is what you can expect from this War construction. Listening to this you will be able to start murder without end.
* Blodulv (swe) — Kristkrossare

TAPE: Total Holocaust Rec.

Another Swedish horde, that will truely crush most of the bands out there. Blodulv has one of the cruelest most uncompromising sounds yet uncovered in todays BM scene, not for the meek. Mix early Gorgoroth with Old Wainds, and you'll have a somewhat good description of their sound.
* Blood Red Fog (fin) — Demo I

TAPE: Drakkar Prod.

the 1st four-track demo recorded during 13-15.04.2005. re-released on Drakkar in 300 copies.
Blood Stained Dusk (usa) — Continuance of Evil (6 Euro)

TAPE: Propaganda

Odious Satanic Black Metal Liturgy
Blood of Kingu (ukr) — De Occulta Philosophia

TAPE: Werewolf Promotion

Band which was created on the ashes of Hate Forest. sounds like latest works of HF.
Bloodrain (rus) — Ten Bestial Years

TAPE: Osolon

Compilation of material 1995 - 2005. Includes material from early demos, their album, and exclusive tracks. ltd to 525 h/n copies.
* Blutrache (ger) — Volksseuche

TAPE: Satan Fights Humanity Rec.

Tape re-release of their demo from 2005. ltd to 100 copies only.
Borgia (fra) — Et Ibi Fundo (+ 12 page booklet)

TAPE: Fiery Path Rec.

Gloomy and heavy Black/Death Metal containing their demos and live bonus tracks
Bruma Obscura (prt) — Murmurios Da Serra

TAPE: Mistress Dance Rec.

Shizo BM with insane vocals
Bustum (pol) — The Return of Hate

TAPE: Werewolf Promotion

completely different layout than CD version, limited to 320 hand-numbered copies