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                                        • 1 CD = 10 Euro; 4 CDs = 35 Euro; 8 CDs = 60 Euro;
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Abbey ov Thelema (svk) — A Fragment ov the Great Work

CD: Sonic Temple Rec.

An album for all those who seek progression and experiments in Black Metal, a mystical and also aggressive release with esoteric lyrics, similar to Arcturus, Ihsahn, Enslaved.
* Aboriorth (spa) — The Austere Perpetuity of Nothingness

CD: BlackSeed Prod.

Awaited second album after three years of their fantastic debut album. Dark and Raw Black Metal. Six long songs of pure agonic and misanthropic aurea!!!
* Accursed Christ (rus) — Through the Fringe of Life

CD: 29A Rec.

* Actum Inferni (pol) — The Embodiment of Death

CD: Societas Oculorum Arcanorum

the first full-lenght album after two demos. Leichengott (pol) members.
Ad Hominem (ita) — Dictator (12 Euro)

CD: Darker than Black

unique blood freezing and ultra violent Black Metal. Dictator is sonic carnage and ferocity sure to awaken and stir the blood any individual.
* Aetherius Obscuritas (hun) — Black Medicine/Fekete Orvossag

CD: Paragon Rec.

melodic black metal, although there are some progressive influences present as well. Frontman Arkhorrl throws in a great deal of counter-melody and interplay between the different instruments, but somehow not much of it seems to latch on.
Afflictis Lentae (fra) — From Nothing...To Nothing

CD: Infernal Kommando

AL has nothing to deal with religion and politics. This unmoral project is driven by hate and stand against all dogmas enslaving humanity. F.O.A.D.
Agmen (cze) — Eternal

CD: Ravenheart

Anti-christianity, technic, Raw Black Metal! One from deep Czech respected band in the old traditions!!!
* Aigro Mucifelam (fra) — Lost Sounds Depraved

CD: Insidious Poisoning Rec.

Powerful, fast & charismatic will be a few words to describe this great effort.
Aldaaron (fra) — Nous Reviendrons Immortels

CD: Paragon Rec.

Drawing their inspiration from the mysticism of Nature and from an idealized and distant past, the music of Aldaaron is the union of furious epic melodies and atmospheric parts. The lyrics express the solitude, sadness and might that some can feel standing alone on a mountaintop or walking by night in a winter forest, communing with the spirit of the age-old woods and the eternally snow-covered summits.
Alienation Cold (rus) — Nothing, Nobody, Never (digi-CD: 12 Euro)

CD: S.N.D. Prod.

After more than seven years Alienation Cold presents to this mortal world their new work, called 'Nothing, Nobody, Never...'. Now as a duet, Dust and Sadist create the most depressive saga in the history of Stavropol Nekrodivizion. Void, sombre atmosphere of death and untimelesness cutting like razors. Nothing, nobody, ever... Forever!
Amnion (spa) — Cryptic Wanderings

CD: Oniric Rec.

Great raw unholy Black Metal - a great surprise from the genre!
Anguished (fin) — Cold (11 Euro)

CD: Hammer of Hate

Cold cuts you deep with razors of melancholy and hateful despair! Possessed Demoness, the tortured soul of Anguished, creates and performs hymns of this Finnish one woman howl with a very unique touch! The songs are full of suicidal despair and sadness but Anguished also shows a side of worshipping Satan with devoted words of dedication to the bleak darkness.
Anthro Halaust (ukr) — Thruths the Splinter, Bleeds Live!!

CD: Hell Division Prod.

Melodic Unholy Black Metal. In the best traditions of early works of Lucifugum.
Anwech (ita) — My Frozen Dream Slept too Eternally...

CD: Fog of the Apocalypse

Sense-clouding, depressively tuning and pensive Black Metal from Italia. Comes with a 8-asided booklet.
* Aorlhac (fra) — Opus I

CD: Thor's Hammer Prod.

Imagine the old Ulver mixed with some Folk elements! Folk melodic and Agressive Black Metal.
* Aphoom Zhah (blr) — Symbol of New Aeon

CD: Possession Prod.

Raw Black metal with trashy oldstyle parts.
Apolion (ita) — Death Grows into Sperm

CD: Bylec Tum

Grim, raging, harsh, powerful yet decadent Black Metal in your fucking faces! Finally available the new full-length Album, a concept release laughing about the pathetic world of humans. No fucking compromises. Just bleak, hateful yet sardonic Black Metal insanity against all.
Arfsynd (swe) — self-titled

CD: Daemon Worship Prod.

Featuring a variety of tempos, sincere, dark and haunting vocals, Perditor's exquisite and already well-known melodies, ARFSYND follows a different yet just as noble path. Lyrics, entirely written and performed in archaic Swedish, give this album a special dimension, a special feeling, which, the author felt, could only be manifested through the use of his mother tongue.
* Ars Diavoli (prt) — Pro Nihilo Esse

CD: Debemur Morti Prod.

Let hysteria and phobia grip you. In this domain, pain and suffering prevail. Repetitive riffs and agonised shrieks tear down the inadequate defences, highlighting the weakness of biology, the deficiencies of our constitution. Gnawing paranoia feasts on your deepest, darkest fears amid a depraved ritualistic orgy of swarming, swirling distortion.
Aske (fin) — Saatan Legio/Goatfuck

CD: Propaganda

Canonical Black Metal from the desecrated grave.
Asmodey (rus) — Dark Spiritual Liberation

CD: Dark East Prod.

* Au Sacre des Nuits (bra) — Anti-humain

CD: Kunsthauch

experimental suicidal metal ambient with black metal touch
* Autarcie (fra) — S.I.D.A.

CD: Dernier Bastion

1st opus from that french horde. 11 tracks travelling during 50 min between melancholia, regionalism inspired by the national scene. Played with a very strong feeling.
Azaghal (fin) — Mustamaa (digi-CD: 17 Euro)

CD: Helvete.ru

CD1: 'Mustamaa' (original extended version)
CD2: 'Kristinusko Liekeissa' (originally intended to be released as first album of Azaghal)
Abhor (ita) — Vehementia

TAPE: Misanthropic Propaganda

raw black metal in a mystic and esoteric way. let them take you away to an obscure journey through 8 hymns of pure black art!
Aboriorth (spa) — Far Away from Hateful mankind Plague

TAPE: Nigra Mors

The album seems to come in two sides: the first is more melodic and mostly employs the high, screeching voice, while the second half is slower and more misanthropic and generally preoccupied with the low voice as the main vocal body.
Absentia Lunae (ita) — Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes

TAPE: Stuza Prod.

The vocals are really extreme of the screaming type that is essential in black metal and sometimes are combined with a more atmospheric, almost spoken. This is pure darkness revealed and you have to keep an eye to this amazing raw band.
Abusiveness (pol) — Dwie Twarze Mroku

TAPE: Sollskog Promotion

re-released version.
Actum Inferni (pol) — Kres Panowania Ery Ludzi

TAPE: Werewolf Promotion

recorded during autumn/witer 2008. Endless sacrifice, blind fury and pure madness created for glory of Satan.
Ad Arma (ger) — Stalingrad

TAPE: Dunkelheit Prod.

Negativity deserved exclusively under the banner of primitive war black metal art. A cry in the middle of the battlefield is hopeless like you want to reanimate a sunken body. Look directly into the grim face of dead while listening to this war act worshipping the goat with their satanic armory.
Ad Noctem Funeriis (ita) — ... of Evil and Torment

TAPE: Infernal Kommando

Killer Evil Italian Black Metal. Tape Version of the Full Lenght 2009. Limited to 250 copies. Artwork on Gold Paper.
Aetheres (pol) — Dark Wisdom's Domain

TAPE: Werewolf Promotion

music with different style influences. high quality production sound with variety of vocals.
Aldaaron (fra) — Des Legendes et Anciens Dieux

TAPE: Dernier Bastion

Rerelease of their demo 2007. 30 min of french epic black metal.
Algol (usa) — Gorgonus Aura

TAPE: Oupiric

available for trade: x2

melodic black metal nothing more nothing less
Algor (svk) — Uder Pohanskeho Hnevu

TAPE: Stuza Prod.

the surprise as this is one of those completely underexposed bands. expecting an interesting but derivative Darkthrone worshipping band.
All the Cold (rus) — Through The Dead World

TAPE: Dernier Bastion

Second demo for this russian band. 30 min of Minimalist/ambient/black metal. Enter on the land of blind freeze and let your soul wander between the cold and void.
Amazarak (fra) — Saeva Omina (pro-TAPE)

TAPE: Fog of the Apocalypse

Pure Satanic Black Metal from France. Now enter in our madness & dementia!
Ambience (prt) — As Dez Esperas

TAPE: Nekrogoat Heresy Prod.

Fourth album from this project. An excellent combination of dark ambience, funeral doom and drone!
Anatolian Wisdom (can) — Where the Iblis Dwells

TAPE: Morbid Count Prod.

Being under a strong influence of ancient lore and occultism, ANATOLIAN WISDOM deliver each of the eleven album songs in a simple obscure form doing without such 'conveniences' as keyboards.
Antidogmatic (blr) — Demo

TAPE: Abortion Prod.

This release created under the hard influence of ukrainian Lucifugum's "Stigma Egoism". Recomendations!
Antiphrasis (ger) — Unbekanntes Nichts

TAPE: Satan Fights Humanity Rec.

re-release of the 2000's demo on tape. old stuff from Tormentor.
Antiquus Scriptum (prt) — Abi In Malam Pestem

TAPE: War Flagellation Prod.

Black Metl with epic interludes
Antiquus Scriptum (prt) — Immortalis Tactus

TAPE: War Flagellation Prod.

Black Metl with epic interludes
Aquer (chi) — Tyrants Lords of the Chilean Hell

TAPE: Atolinga Rec.

compilation tape. old-school sounds from south america.
Ara (prt) — Arcaica

TAPE: War Prod.

the only demo so far. archaic fast Black Metal with some nature ambiences inside.
Arganork (fra) — Dusios

TAPE: Ancestrale Prod.

Dark guitars, grim voice and great riffs. meet some ambient parts, for a bewitching atmosphere
Arkenstone (prt) — self-titled

TAPE: Satanhades Prod.

the first full-lenght album from Lusitanian BM warriors.
Arkona (pol) — An Eternal Curse of the Pagan Godz

TAPE: Night Birds Rec. / Todestrieb Rec.

Arkonian (mkd) — Arkonian Resurrection

TAPE: Sabbath's Fire

the firts demo of the Macedonian Heathen Folk Black Metal one-man project.
Armed Death (grc) — Return 1991-93...2006...

TAPE: Goat Music Rec.

After 12 years in the catacombs of the underground they return with this piece of Greek Black/Death Metal forged in the ways of the old times
Armed Death (grc) — self-titled

TAPE: Black Fog

available for trade: x2

ltd ed., only 100 copies. Great Black/Death Metal in early 90's way.
Ashtoreth Incesti (bel) — Hypnagogic Hallucinations

TAPE: Sword Prod.

Raw, intolerant black metal. A stress-ball full of disagreemnets. Four tacks of hatred.
* Aske (fin) — Saatan Legio/Goatfuck

TAPE: Wolfsvuur Rec.

Pure Satan worshipping black metal, this tape drips of goatblood and semen! Coming from Finland and started out in the early 90s by Behemoth (Norns/Vornat), Aske plays old-school nordic, raw and dedicated black metal. This tape compiles 2 of their demo's, 'Saatan Legio' and 'Goatfuck', totalling 9 tracks including a Slayer cover. Join the cult and praise the Goat!
Astrofaes (ukr) — Idea. Form. Essence...

TAPE: Stuza Prod.

Sixth album. Fast and harsh, yet still semi-melodic, Black Metal from the Ukraine, featuring Thurios of HATE FOREST, BLOOD OF KINGU, and DRUKDH. Pure quality and rigid orthodoxy.
Astrofaes (ukr) — The Attraction: Heavens And Earth

TAPE: Stuza Prod.

atmosphere of the end of 90's, no more words needed.
Atropos (fra) — Creature Chthonienne

TAPE: Oupiric

available for trade: x5

Melodic Dark Black Metal. The band's last release.
Aufkrema (can) — Rehearsals 2002-2003

TAPE: Tour de Garde

Instrumental rehearsals. great! 23:03 + 23:30
Auspicium (usa) — Valde Atra Mare

TAPE: Baleful Benediction Rec.

Songs for midnight walks along the ocean shore, shadowed by the mountains and forests, under the stars, drunk as can be.
Austerity (ita) — Perpetua Nox Dormienda Est

TAPE: Bubonic Prod.

Doom and Ambient meets on a 20 bpm ground (or minus). All the sadness and the desperation of this dying atom in music.
Autarcie (fra) — S.I.D.A.

TAPE: Dernier Bastion

1st opus from that french horde. 11 tracks travelling during 50 min between melancholia, regionalism inspired by the national scene. Played with a very strong feeling.
Aversio Humanitatis (spa) — Abandonment Ritual

TAPE: Egg of Nihilism

new blasphemy with Lugubre (Eterna Penumbra) now with a more complex and introspective style, yet with all the hatred and violence from the previous project. white is paleness, white is the color of death. start your abandonment ritual!
Ayyur (tun) — Agurzil Screams (pro-TAPE)

TAPE: De Umbris Prod.

Limited to 150 handnumbered pro tapes. A magical, raw Black Metal demo, more than 30 minutes of an obscure journey! Pure enchanting Black Metal, light years far away from any trend!